Understanding Customer Experience Through Post-call and web Survey Tools

Date: June 23, 2010
Pages: 12
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Understanding Customer Experience Through Post-call and web Survey Tools
Enterprises want to gain a greater understanding of customer demands in order to improve service and increase satisfaction. Over the last two years there has been significant media coverage around the use of analytics for this purpose, whether it be speech, multi-channel, desktop, or cross-channel analytics. Enterprises are also realizing the value of social media for customer service, and social media monitoring solutions are beginning to appear. The survey market is diverse and expanding as vendors add new channels to their survey tools to support multiple channels for customer service. One of the key challenges for contact centers in surveying and analyzing behavioral trends is how to use the data to improve the business and keep customers happy. Ovum believes that a combination of surveying and analytics is needed to gain a deeper understand of customer trends
Executive summary
In a nutshell
Ovum view
A background to customer surveys
Types of surveying tools
Post-call surveys
Web-based surveys.
The benefits of surveying tools
Surveys remain important despite new ways to track customer sentiment
Surveying tools help contact centers understand customer opinion
Integrating surveys with WOTs allows contact centers to compare agent performance with customer ratings
Challenges when implementing surveys
The main challenge for contact centers is acting on information
Competitive landscape
The survey market is fragmented, with both contact center infrastructure vendors and specialist players providing survey tools
Contact center infrastructure vendors
Specialist survey vendors
Workforce optimization suite vendors
Recommendations for contact centers
Develop a survey strategy to target the relevant customer base and act on information to improve the business
Use a combination of surveys, analytics, and social media monitoring tools to track customer satisfaction
Provide feedback to customers
Change business culture to prioritize customers’ needs
Recommendations for survey providers
Integrate survey tools with analytics, routing, and CRM systems
Provide multi-channel survey tools to match customer channel preferences
Develop out-of-the-box surveys that focus on business objectives


Figure 1: Percentage of customers surveyed for customer satisfaction metrics by channel
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Understanding Customer Experience Through Post-call and web Survey Tools
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