Telecoms in 2020: enterprise services

Date: January 23, 2010
Pages: 22
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Telecoms in 2020: enterprise services
The year 2020 will be a proof point for telco service providers in enterprise fixed services. If telecoms operators are to remain in business as global service providers they must by that date complete a fundamental transformation of their operations model, restore their financial performance and adapt to demands of a more assertive end-user organisation. But telcos are vulnerable: having already attempted to partner with competing systems integrators and IT outsourcing specialists, they now find the software and IT service (S/ITS) providers consolidating, and equipment vendors edging into their market with enhanced services capabilities.
Executive summary
In a nutshell
Ovum view
Key messages
Enterprise fixed services providers
The world of 2020
The competitive landscape
Development timeline
Future telcos
Strategic market forces compel speedy evolution of the telco business model
Profits, professionalisation and partnering
Enterprise fixed services and revenues
The world in 2020 – network as service hub
Implications for telcos
Revenue shift
Enterprise customers and markets
The world of 2020
Enterprise end users are consumers
Enterprises embrace change slowly
The leaner, meaner CIO
Communications cost management to remain a top business priority
The enterprise is extended through multiple relationships
The CIO only pays for what the enterprise gets
Green ICT becomes a simple cost issue
Mobility drives flexibility – the end of work-life balance?


Table 1: Enterprise services competitors in 2020
Table 2: Key events and drivers summary


Figure 1: Service management evolution in fixed networking
Figure 2: The soft network in 2010
Figure 3: IT-telecoms alliances in 2010
Figure 4: Enterprise services market 2010-20
Figure 5: Enterprise categories 2020
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Telecoms in 2020: enterprise services
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