Telecom industry health check (3Q10): Financial deals tracker

Date: November 23, 2010
Pages: 66
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Publisher: Ovum
Report type: Strategic Report
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Telecom industry health check (3Q10): Financial deals tracker
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This presentation analyzes M&A, vendor financing, private placements, and public offerings in telecom during 3Q10, along with the trend for recent quarters, detailed by sector, geography, and deal size.
  • Catalyst – Given the ongoing deal activity in the telecommunications sector, all players need an understanding of the deal dynamics, trends, and fundamentals.
  • Overview – This report contains extensive qualitative and quantitative analysis of quarterly deal activity in the telecommunications industry across regional markets, with analysis for both regional and industry segments. Each deal type section analyzes deal activity during 3Q10, along with the trend for the previous several quarters. The report offers a unique insight into deal activity (volume and value) by:
  • Sector: Covers all key sectors in telecommunications industry, namely telecom operators or service providers (SPs), equipment providers or vendors, and “others,” which includes value-added services and contact center services. Because of their large size and very different roles in the industry value chain, the SP and vendor segments are analyzed separately.
  • Geography: By primary regions (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of World), and by key emerging markets (BRIC, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Africa).
  • Deal size
  • This report is based on Datamonitor’s Financial Deals (FD) database. The FD database contains information on merger, acquisition, private equity (PE)-backed buyout and investment, venture capital investment, and initial public offering (IPO), secondary offering, private placement, and partnership deals.
  • Why do we track these deals? Two reasons:
  • To keep tabs on changes in industry structure – We track mergers and acquisitions (including those driven by private equity firms) in order to analyze trends in industry structure (e.g. the balance between supply and demand in a given sector) and trends in vertical integration across different technology areas or horizontal integration among service providers across regions.
  • To keep track of telecom companies raising fresh funds – We track private placements, public offerings, and venture investments because they involve telecom companies raising new capital. This capital can fund capex, operations, or M&A activity. Tracking the ups and downs in this new money provides insight on industry trends, answering questions such as: Which operators are well funded and about to expand their networks? Which ones need fresh capital? Which technologies are underfunded or viewed as attractive?
Executive summary
Macroeconomic/government update
Mergers and acquisitions (including private equity)
Venture financing
Public offerings
Private placements
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Telecom industry health check (3Q10): Financial deals tracker
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