TD-LTE, China Mobile’s long-term engagement with ‘TD’

Date: February 23, 2010
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TD-LTE, China Mobile’s long-term engagement with ‘TD’
The development of TD-LTE is critical for China Mobile and is a significant opportunity for China as a whole. However, the fast development of TD-LTE in China relies heavily on the Chinese government’s willingness to allow its rapid introduction.
Executive summary
In a nutshell
Ovum view
The role of politics in China should never be underestimated
Why would China Mobile choose TD-SCDMA if not for political reasons?
TD-LTE : a Chinese cause?
LTE is expected to play a critical role in China Mobile’s mobile Internet strategy
LTE is a pillar of China Mobile’s new approach to mobile broadband and mobile Internet
Network infrastructure
Terminal infrastructure
Application infrastructure
China Mobile’s strategy to accelerate TD-LTE ecosystem development
China Mobile needs to play smart to build wide TD-LTE industry support
First find significant partners to help promote the technology
TD-LTE infrastructure business has to be more open to Western vendors
China Mobile must accept that it needs to rely more on partnerships
Specific focus on device/chipset ecosystem for TD-LTE
China Mobile’s TD-LTE roadmap
Lab and field technical trials since mid 2008
Medium scale pre-commercial trial at Shanghai Expo 2010
Large multi-city pre-commercial trials
After large-scale trials, the commercial launch of TD-LTE services is expected


Table 1: Selected vendor announcements about Shanghai Expo TD-LTE trial


Figure 1: China Mobile’s end-to-end approach to mobile Internet
Figure 2: China Mobile’s TD-LTE trial roadmap
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TD-LTE, China Mobile’s long-term engagement with ‘TD’
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