Storage, Servers, and User Personalization in Desktop Virtualization

Date: November 23, 2010
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Storage, Servers, and User Personalization in Desktop Virtualization
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Failure to adequately predict capital costs is one of the biggest risks to the success of desktop virtualization. Storage and servers will collectively form a very large share of capital expenditure, and storage presents the greatest challenges in terms of assessing required capacity, and limiting costs.

Features and benefits
  • Advice on the use of so-called stateless desktops and personalization software to reduce management overheads snd lower storage consumption.
  • Advice on how to minimize the heavy storage traffic generated by desktop virtualization

  • Management and storage costs are significantly reduced by the use of stateless desktops, which are created on demand as near-clones of master images. However, for typical businesses, this approach only suits a minority of end users. Over-use of stateless desktops threatens end-user satisfaction, and so can stall virtualization projects.

Your key questions answered
  • What are the pitfalls of using so-called stateless desktops, and what are the benefits of end-user personalization software?
  • How many servers are required to host a given number of virtual desktops?


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Key messages


Mix and match delivery models
Hosted virtual desktops (HVD)
Presentation virtualization
Application virtualization


Componentization is key
Break down the desktop for better service
Thin or stateless desktops cut maintenance and storage
Componentization triggers personality problems
Personalization therapy
Watch out for storage traffic
HVD as I/O generator
Tune up and turn off Windows Services
Measure boot storms and other peaks
Don’t put everything in the SAN


Rules of thumb for server densities
Reference architecture HVD densities


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Storage, Servers, and User Personalization in Desktop Virtualization
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