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SP switching and routing vendor profile: Huawei Technologies

February 2010 | 24 pages | ID: S8BAD28625BEN

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Huawei’s service provider switching and routing (SPSR) revenue growth continues in China, but has slowed elsewhere as market demand fell by more than 20% from last year. Huawei is a formidable competitor with a comprehensive product line. Ovum expects it to continue to lead in China and many emerging nations, but it faces challenges in the IP routing market in developed nations.
Executive summary
In a nutshell
Ovum view
Market position
Key changes affecting Huawei since the last update
Analysis of competitive position
SP switching and routing (also known as datacom)
Strategy definition and execution
ON – the tip of the spear
Product line management
Huawei’s datacom milestones
Product network positioning
Solutions selling
Financial health
SWOT analysis
Huawei is moving forward – fast
Financial/corporate weaknesses
Product/technology weaknesses
Huawei’s SP switching and routing ratings
Still advancing in all SPSR segments
Huawei has all the datacom bases covered, but not necessarily with the best players
IP applications
IP/Ethernet aggregation products the shining star in Huawei’s SPSR portfolio to drive growth
Regional market data by product segment
China still driving R&D and sales but Huawei is starting to have success with Tier 1s in Europe
Huawei leads AP’s IP/Ethernet market and is booking strong emerging market results in EMEA and SCA
Marketing strategy
Channel strategy and partnerships


Table 1: Ovum’s overall rating of Huawei in SP switching and routing
Table 2: Huawei’s key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the SP switching and routing market
Table 3: Mapping of Huawei’s products to Ovum’s segmentation
Table 4: Huawei datacom products certified as in compliance by the MEF (as of November 2009)
Table 5: Regional switching and routing revenues by product segment (rolling 4Q, 4Q08–3Q09)
Table 6: Huawei’s regional market share by product segment (rolling 4Q, 4Q08-3Q09)


Figure 1: Huawei’s wireline products: ON, datacom, and access (2008)
Figure 2: Huawei’s datacom (switching and routing) portfolio for service providers
Figure 3: Global capex vs. revenues for Cisco, Huawei, and ZTE, 2003–8 (2003=100)
Figure 4: Huawei’s SP switching and routing ratings
Figure 5: Huawei SPSR product competitiveness by product segment

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