SP switching and routing vendor profile: Cisco Systems

Date: September 23, 2010
Pages: 28
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Publisher: Ovum
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SP switching and routing vendor profile: Cisco Systems
Service provider switching and routing (SPSR) market leader Cisco Systems has benefited not only from finding the right place at the right time with the right technologies, but also knowing how to play the game. Positioned as an Internet rather than a network infrastructure provider, Cisco is always on the prowl for new problems to solve with IP or Ethernet technology. Cisco isn’t shy about buying the companies and technologies it needs to kick-start, grow, and lead new markets. In the SPSR market, Cisco’s lead had been slipping but has recently made a comeback.

Executive summary
In a nutshell
Ovum view
It is better to lead through transitions than follow
Key messages
Market position
Analysis of competitive position
Cisco is ranked as the twelfth largest high-tech company
Cisco has a diverse networking technology customer base, which helps it identify key market transitions
Ecosystem strategies define long-term strategic alliances
Strategy definition and execution
Technology innovation and organization
Product line management
Cisco defined the service provider switching and routing market
Converging the mobile packet core
Still early days for Carrier Ethernet
A more intelligent IP network
Cisco’s data center strategy could be the cure for service providers’ dumb pipes
Solutions selling
“Borderless Networks” leverages the Internet to connect everything
Mobile Internet solutions
Switching and routing solutions
Financial health
SWOT analysis
Cisco is as fit as any 26 year old
Cisco’s SPSR ratings
Experience, broad product portfolio, and global presence add up to top share position
Products and services
Cisco has a comprehensive IP and Ethernet product line, but not always with best-of-breed products
Cisco continues to lead the IP and Ethernet pack
SPSR competitive position
Regional market data by product segment
New edge and core products will drive growth
Cisco still leading in all SPSR segments
Marketing strategy
Channel strategy and partnerships


Table 1: Ovum’s overall rating of Cisco in SP switching and routing
Table 2: Cisco’s main strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the SP switching and routing market
Table 3: Cisco’s SPSR ratings by region
Table 4: Mapping of Cisco’s products to Ovum’s segmentation
Table 5: Product competiveness by product segment and region
Table 6: Cisco’s service provider switching and routing revenues by product segment, 3Q09–2Q10 (US$M)
Table 7: Cisco’s regional market share and rank by product segment (rolling 4Q, 3Q09–2Q10)


Figure 1: Cisco’s view of market transitions
Figure 2: Cisco’s acquisition and partnership strategies
Figure 3: Cisco committee organization
Figure 4: Cisco’s mobile Internet solutions
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SP switching and routing vendor profile: Cisco Systems
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