SON, a critical enabler for future wireless networks

Date: April 23, 2010
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SON, a critical enabler for future wireless networks
SON (self-organizing networks/self-optimizing networks) is the new buzz word of the moment. The arrival of LTE means the addition of a new network and a set of new requirements, resulting in increased network complexity and potentially higher opex – despite LTE’s promises of improved cost efficiencies. In anticipation of these issues, large operators have identified SON as a key feature to address these challenges.
Executive summary
In a nutshell
Ovum view
Key messages
What does SON mean?
The ultimate vision for SON
The reality of SON today
SON as defined by 3GPP
More details on the SON concept
SON complexity prompted the 3GPP to adopt a progressive feature development strategy
Examples of SON tests conducted by T-Mobile Austria
Why is SON critical for future wireless networks?
SON is needed to address increased network complexity
SON is a critical feature to enable new network architectures based on smaller cells
SON means cost savings through automation and potentially fewer employees
SON also contributes to capex rationalization
SON can contribute to the enhancement of end-user experience
SON is critical but its development is not an easy task
Network element vendors need to follow standard recommendations
SON solutions need to be scalable
LTE is a new technology so field experience is still needed
Operators need to be convinced by SON’s efficiency in real life
Different vendors will focus on different aspects of SON
Different positioning in the vendor community
SON differentiation relies on the SON algorithms developed by vendors
Wireless network equipment providers (NEPs)
They all have a SON story that goes beyond the RAN
Alcatel-Lucent’s eXtended-SON (xSON)
Motorola’s LTE SON Solution
NSN’s SON Suite
Go in-house or through third parties?
Radio network planning/optimization specialists
Femtocell specialists
Femtocell specialist Ubiquisys has a SON story
Emerging SON specialists
AirHop Communications
Eden Rock Communications


Figure 1: SON according to T-Mobile
Figure 2: Examples of SON use cases defined by the NGMN Alliance
Figure 3: Overview of centralized, distributed, and hybrid SON approaches
Figure 4: Automatic Neighbor Relation (ANR) tests at T-Mobile Austria
Figure 5: SON positioning of selected vendors
Figure 6: Alcatel-Lucent’s step-by-step “self-everything” approach
Figure 7: Motorola’s LTE SON approach
Figure 8: NSN’s “multi-level” SON approach
Figure 9: NEC’s 3D SON simulator demonstration at MWC 2010
Figure 10: Optimi’s SON architecture
Figure 11: AirHop’s eSON solution overview
Figure 12: Eden Rock’s Eden-NET SON architecture
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SON, a critical enabler for future wireless networks
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