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Smartphone platform profile: Windows Phone OS

March 2010 | 17 pages | ID: S8CBE1159C9EN

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This profile is focused on Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS software platform for mobile devices, both in its current incarnation as Windows Mobile 6.5 and in its forthcoming major refresh as Windows Phone OS 7.0. It looks at the platform from a mobile operator, handset manufacturer, and application & content developer perspective.

There is much to play for but also at stake for Microsoft once Windows Phone 7 Series devices make it into the market in late 2010. The new platform marks a sea change in Microsoft’s strategy towards the mobile phone market, with service integration and a cutting-edge user experience aimed at consumers at its heart. This will place it on an equal footing with Google and Apple for the first time and prove a true test of its future competitiveness.

In the meantime, Microsoft is marking time with the existing Windows Mobile 6.5, although efforts by its licensees to improve the user experience of the platform should keep it in the game until its replacement comes on stream. How those same licensees and carriers react to the far more restrictive customization potential in Windows Phone OS 7.0 remains to be seen, and could prove a key factor in Microsoft’s future mobile strategy.
Executive summary
In a nutshell
Ovum view
Steady growth is no longer enough for Microsoft
Revolution was vital to appeal to mobile consumers
Multi-screen service integration reveals key strengths
Will Microsoft leave room for device differentiation?
SWOT analysis
  Mobile operators
  Handset manufacturers
  Mobile operators
  Handset manufacturers
  Mobile operators
  Handset manufacturers
  Mobile operators
  Handset manufacturers
Customer base
  Handset manufacturers
  Mobile operators
Windows Phone software versions
Main variants
Windows Phone OS in context
A broader context


Table 1: Windows Mobile releases to date


Figure 1: Windows Phone forecast shipments 2008–2015
Figure 2: Smartphone forecast shipments 2008-2015
Figure 3: Smartphone market shares 2008-2015

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