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Service-now.com - SaaS for IT Service Automation

February 2011 | 16 pages | ID: S6F604D6F51EN

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Service-now.com is functionally rich and easy to use, and from a systems management perspective the burden of application provision sits solely with Service-now.com. This is a big plus for overstretched IT functions, as is the fact that the easily comprehensible, subscription-based pricing provides a predictable cost stream.

Features and benefits
  • Aligned with the IT service lifecycle and processes described by ITIL v3.
  • Simple and effective subscription-based charging model with no hidden costs.
  • Functionally rich with a clean and easy-to-use interface.
  • Incorporates ITIL best practices, including workflows and forms.
  • Highly scalable and designed for customization and integration.

The last 18 months have seen Service-now.com rapidly adding to its applications, in support of both ITIL v3 enablement and governance-related capabilities. Service-now.com currently has one of the most feature-rich ITSM solutions on the market.

The solution is applicable to organizations within all verticals and of all sizes. Targeted at large enterprises looking to improve service and reduce costs, it also offers a viable alternative to smaller organizations and enterprises with limited capital expenditure (capex) availability.

According to Service-now.com, it holds an estimated 90% of the SaaS ITSM tool market.

Your key questions answered
  • Service-now.com should be considered by any medium-to large organization looking to introduce ITSM processes and/or supporting technology.
  • Service-now.com is a vertical-agnostic offering which is appropriate for organizations across a wide range of industry sectors.
  • The thrice annually-upgraded solution is suited to any organizations which desire access to the latest ITSM capabilities.
  • As a SaaS-delivered solution, Service-now.com can remove the burden of providing and supporting an IT-focused support solution internally.
  • The solution is also appropriate for smaller organizations and those starting out on the journey of ITIL adoption.

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