SDMS - Unstructured Data Management in the Paperless Lab

Date: January 23, 2011
Pages: 13
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Publisher: Ovum
Report type: Brief Review
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SDMS - Unstructured Data Management in the Paperless Lab

With the volume of scientific data increasing exponentially year after year, the life sciences industry's need for data-management solutions continues to grow. SDMS solutions continue to evolve and provide organizations with a means of achieving further gains in productivity and efficiency.

Features and benefits
  • Identifies drivers for adopting data-management systems in the life sciences industry
  • Discusses the benefits of using scientific data-management systems and how to integrate them with other lab information solutions
  • Discusses how a scientific data-management system can increase automation and collaboration in a life sciences organization
  • Offers insight into how IT vendors can improve their products to market to life sciences companies.

SDMS solutions provide the means to increase efficiency and productivity through improved automation, collaboration, and data mining.

SDMS solutions also streamline operational IT processes and facilitate regulatory compliance with FDA requirements for electronic records.

Your key questions answered
  • Validate your market messaging and positioning in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Identify strategies that will increase adoption of SDMS by life sciences companies
  • Understand the trends that are shaping the future of pharma data and knowledge management
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SDMS - Unstructured Data Management in the Paperless Lab
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