Quality Issues Discredit Global Fashion Retailers' Online Efforts

Date: September 23, 2010
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Quality Issues Discredit Global Fashion Retailers' Online Efforts
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All three of the largest clothing retailers, namely Zara, Gap, and H&M have waited until now to launch online stores. This does not mean, however, that the retailers have taken time to ensure the websites are of the highest possible standard.

Features and benefits
  • A brief overview of the growth dynamics of the UK online fashion market.
  • An assessment of the leading fashion brands' initial e-commerce efforts.

The top three global fashion brands are latecomers to online retail, entering the UK market within weeks of each other at the peak of its growth.In the last-minute competitive rush to launch an online store, the retailers seem to have ignored the online retail best practices that have developed over the past decade of e-commerce. More importantly, it seems the brands have not taken the customer experience into account.If retailers are to maximize revenues online in the long term, they need to begin thinking more strategically about their websites and multi-channel operations now.

Your key questions answered
  • How are the leading retailers performing against online customer expectation criteria?
  • What can retailers do to improve the online experience?


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Key messages


Global fashion retailers enter the online market at the height of growth
The top three fashion brands are online retail laggards
Fashion brands must be online now to benefit from the growth boom years
The retailers jeopardized online customer experience in a rush to launch
Search and navigation are highly important to online shoppers
Vital search functionality is missing from all three websites
Sizing has not been adapted to serve the local market
The web content translation is inadequate


Recommendations for retailers
Recommendations for e-commerce vendors


Company profiles
Inditex - Zara
Further reading
Ovum Consulting


Table: The top three global fashion retailers


Figure: Clothing and footwear online sales and growth 2005–2014e
Figure: Important features for online shoppers
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Quality Issues Discredit Global Fashion Retailers' Online Efforts
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