Portugal (country regulation overview)

Date: March 23, 2010
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Portugal (country regulation overview)
During late 2009 and early 2010, ANACOM had either completed or initiated the market review of four out of the seven relevant markets. This was an important development since the majority of the markets hadn’t been reviewed since 2005.

In the mobile market, new rules were implemented for number portability to improve the receiving operator’s accountability towards the donor operator and end users, and a new mobile termination rate (MTR) glidepath was proposed. Portugal continues to have an impressive mobile penetration (above the European average), and mobile broadband penetration during 2008 was already one of the highest in Europe, having experienced almost 60% growth during 2008–09.

The fixed market is still dominated by the incumbent, PT, despite a small decrease in PT’s market share. Proposed changes to the local loop unbundling (LLU) reference offer should have a positive outcome for alternative operators since they reinforce transparency, reduce the times for repair, and touch other sensitive issues such as compensation for non-compliance.

On the broadband front, besides the approval of the markets 4 and 5 review by the EC in the first quarter of 2009, the planning of a framework in 2011 for the digital dividend and the recent auction of the frequencies allocated to broadband wireless access (BWA) are set to reduce the country’s digital divide.
Ovum view
Fixed market overview
Next-generation networks
Mobile market overview
National regulatory authority
Key legislation and regulation
Mobile/wireless licensing
3G licenses
Broadband wireless access
Digital dividend
Retail regulation
Wholesale fixed regulation
Narrowband voice interconnection
Services subject to regulation
Carrier selection and carrier pre-selection
Number portability
Fixed interconnection charges
Cost model for RIO
Leased lines
Procedure for setting and reviewing charges
Format of charges
Narrowband flat-rate interconnection
Flat-rate Internet access call origination
Wholesale access
Reference Conduit Access Offer: incumbent’s duct access
Wholesale line rental: subscriber line resale offer
Naked DSL
Local loop unbundling
Wholesale broadband services
Wholesale mobile regulation
Wholesale regulation
Services subject to regulation
Number portability
Mobile termination charges
Competition cases
PT and ZON Group fined for abuse of dominant position in the broadband access markets
PT notified for abuse of its dominant position in discount scheme
PT fined for abusing its dominant position
Universal service
Universal service obligation


The EC’s market definitions


Table 1: Fixed telephony service providers in Portugal (3Q09)
Table 2: Mobile operators in Portugal
Table 3: Fixed sector: services subject to regulation in Portugal
Table 4: ANACOM’s circuit route definition
Table 5: Prices of ducts and related infrastructure occupation: RCAO 2008
Table 6: Area definition in Portugal
Table 7: Mobile sector: services subject to regulation
Table 8: The EC’s definition of relevant markets and SMP designation
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Portugal (country regulation overview)
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