Ovum Telecoms Forecast Catalog: January 2011

Date: February 23, 2011
US$ 3,500.00
Publisher: Ovum
Report type: Strategic Report
Delivery: E-mail Delivery (PDF)

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Ovum Telecoms Forecast Catalog: January 2011

Clients often ask if Ovum has a forecast for a particular markt segment. Searching the KC will yield a large number of results, and sorting through them to find a specific forecast can be a daunting task. The forecast catalog addresses the need for a simple listing of Ovum's forecasts in a single, easy-to-read document. Market share reports are also included.

Features and benefits
  • Provides a look at the entire Ovum Telecoms forecast portfolio on a single page.
  • Gives information on regions, countries, and segments covered without having to open each forecast spreadsheet to look.
  • Provides a direct link for each forecast to its location in the Knowledge Center.

This spreadsheet contains a listing of Ovum Telecoms' entire forecast and market share portfolio, providing information on the regional and segment coverage, lead author, and date of the last update for each one.

Your key questions answered
  • What forecasts and market share spreadsheets are currently available on the Ovum Telecoms Knowledge Center?
  • Who is the lead author for a particular forecast or share report?
  • Which countries and regions are covered in a given forecast?
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Ovum Telecoms Forecast Catalog: January 2011
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