Norway (country regulation overview)

Date: February 23, 2010
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Norway (country regulation overview)
Norway is one of the most liberalised telecoms markets in the world. Although it is not a member of the European Union (EU), Norway adheres to the EU’s regulatory framework as a member of the European Economic Area.

During the first half of 2009 Norway saw a marginal growth in data services, while fixed-line services continued to decline. Growth in mobile services also flattened out in line with the maturing penetration rate.

Norway is opening up competition in the wholesale markets by obliging players with significant market power (SMP) to offer their services to all qualified requesting parties. As a result, more and more alternative telecoms service providers have started offering services and the resultant increase in competition will likely exert downward pressure on prices.

On the spectrum front, almost all the frequencies assigned for telecoms services (other than mainstream mobile services such as 2G and 3G) are being allocated on a technology-neutral basis. This trend is expected to transfer the cost benefits arising from the adoption of efficient technologies to the end customer.
Ovum view
Fixed market overview
Broadband market
Multiplay: dual, triple, and quad players
Mobile market overview
National regulatory authority
Role of the Norwegian Competition Authority
Key legislation and regulation
The Electronic Communications Act
Current status of market analysis
Wireless licensing
3G licences
Broadband wireless access (BWA) licences
Retail regulation
The retail market
Cost model for retail tariffs
VoIP services
Number portability
Quality of service
Wholesale fixed regulation
Services subject to regulation
Narrowband voice interconnection
Cost model for RIO
Wholesale access
Wholesale line rental (WLR)
Local loop unbundling
Transition to all-IP networks
Wholesale broadband services
Leasing of dark fibre
Wholesale mobile regulation
Mobile operator obligations
Services subject to regulation
National roaming
Mobile termination charges
Mobile number portability
Universal service
Universal service obligation
The EC’s market definitions


Table 1: Norway: mobile market information (2Q09)
Table 2: Fixed sector: services subject to regulation
Table 3: Mobile sector: services subject to regulation in Norway
Table 4: Glidepath of MTR control for 2008–10 in Norway
Table 5: The EC’s definition of relevant markets and SMP designation


Figure 1: Fixed-line subscriber base in Norway (1H05–1H09)
Figure 2: Broadband subscriber base in Norway (1H05–1H09)
Figure 3: Mobile customers in Norway (1H05–1H09)
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Norway (country regulation overview)
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