National eHealth strategy progress in Australia

Date: January 23, 2010
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National eHealth strategy progress in Australia
For more than a decade Australia has been looking to establishing a national eHealth system. After many reviews, reports and an estimated A$5 billion expended on various eHealth initiatives, the country is no closer to realisation of a national approach to eHealth. Vendors selling into this market are advised to remain focused on local and regional opportunities rather than waiting for a mythical national eHealth gravy train to leave the station.
In a nutshell
Executive overview
It is a challenge to see the wood for the trees
The size of the Australian health sector
National-level eHealth governance bodies
eHealth strategy documents are on the table
Two schools of thought on the health record
Progress, though slow, on individual healthcare identifiers
Disappointment at COAG
The national broadband network is unlikely to accelerate eHealth in the near term
eHealth therefore remains a local and regional game in Australia for the foreseeable future
The Australian health sector structure
Health sector structure
Expenditure and funding
Health sector by the numbers
Governance mechanisms
Government policy and eHealth
National eHealth strategy
National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission recommendations relating to eHealth
NEHTA and its role in the eHealth strategy agenda
NEHTA’s proposed role
The road to implementation
Funding the eHealth agenda
NHHRC costings
Deloitte eHealth strategy costings:
An instructive example: the case of NSW Health
Electronic health records
Two schools of thought on the health record
The health-practitioner-controlled record
The person-controlled health record
The need for a unique identifier
Council of Australian Governments meeting
eHealth and the National Broadband Network


Table 1: Numbers employed in health occupations in Australia, 2006
Table 2: Cost estimates – foundations work stream
Table 3: Cost estimates – solutions work stream
Table 4: Cost estimates - change and adoption work stream
Table 5: Cost estimates - governance work stream
Table 6: Proposed priority eHealth solutions
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National eHealth strategy progress in Australia
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