Mobile Operator Responses To Voip: The Six Steps

Date: April 23, 2010
Pages: 22
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Mobile Operator Responses To Voip: The Six Steps
Verizon Wireless’ announcement that it is to offer Skype access to its mobile customers is another step in the evolving nature of mobile operator responses to VoIP. The move heralds a more positive approach to mobile VoIP that we believe all operators will ultimately have to adopt.
Executive summary
In a nutshell
Key messages
Ovum view
Mobile operator responses
The six steps
Block at all costs
Tolerate to assess the risk
Neutralize the cost differential
“Special” tariffs attempt to make operators look good without really trying
Embracing VoIP is a necessity
Lessons from the Verizon Wireless / Skype deal
What to expect: lessons from 3 UK
Compete with over-the-top VoIP
Drivers and barriers of mobile VoIP adoption
Migration to LTE heralds the all-IP world
Scale of first mover will prompt market responses
Falling mobile voice revenues focuses operators on service innovation and costs – but at the expense of margins?
Fixed-line VoIP adoption
Smartphone penetration crucial
Domestic call pricing and available alternatives critical
High international call volumes and/or costs signify a large target audience
Mobile data plans also important
Regulatory intervention takes the initiative away from operators
Operator resistance
Regulator resistance
Smartphone penetration
Availability of VoIP clients
Complexity of client installation and use
Alternatives can offer better value to the end user
Quality of service and security
Key customer segments similar to those for fixed VoIP
Smartphone users are key as they have the access device
Early adopters will dominate in mobile VoIP as in fixed
Students always like to make a saving
Ethnic segments want VoIP for international calls
Business travelers are interested in more than just cost


Table 1: Sample of operator treatments of VoIP in mobile broadband terms and conditions


Figure 1: The six steps for mobile operators responding to VoIP
Figure 2: KPN’s VoIP subscribers and market position
Figure 3: Global mobile voice revenues and outgoing minutes of use: 2007–14
Figure 4: Global mobile phone and smartphone shipments: 2008–14
Figure 5: Breakdown of 2009 UK international calling revenue estimates by access type
Figure 6: US mobile operators’ outlook on consumer VoIP on current networks
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Mobile Operator Responses To Voip: The Six Steps
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