Mobile content and applications in emerging markets: operator strategies

Date: January 23, 2010
Pages: 23
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Publisher: Ovum
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Mobile content and applications in emerging markets: operator strategies
Although the mobile content and applications market is currently small, it has significant potential to drive emerging market operator non-voice revenues and ARPU. This study, part of a three report series, outlines our analysis and advice for emerging market operators to ensure their mobile content and applications strategies are successful.
Executive summary
In a nutshell
Ovum view
Setting the scene
In search of data and content revenues
Current segmentation approaches: oversimplified
The broad approach to segmentation
Layering granularity over the top
Paid versus free services
Meeting the aspirations of different age groups
Segmentation by sustainability needs
Segmentation by working life needs
Segmentation by health and educational needs
Marketing and pricing strategies
Step change required
Simplicity in service experience
Easy-to-understand pricing
Aim for multiple revenue streams
Needs-based, targeted promotions
Intuitive search and discovery
Automated processes
Continuous learning and refinement
Managing the content ecosystem
Operators must wisely use value chain dominance
The rise of device vendors and application stores
Device vendor app stores pushing into emerging markets
A threat, but not enough to disintermediate operators
Many device players have a wider agenda
High revenue cuts stifle content and applications
Operator application store strategies in emerging markets
Leading operators pursue own-brand app store strategy
Strong cards to play in the application store space
Plan now how to stand out when competition kicks in
Look before you leap - plenty of other options to explore


Table 1: Youth market and socio-economic segmentation


Figure 1: Voice and P2P messaging segmentation
Figure 2: Population percentage distribution by age: 2006
Figure 3: Example revenue mix and service positioning in a games portfolio
Figure 4: Content value chain and player positioning: emerging markets
Figure 5: Revenue flow in an operator-dominated business model
Figure 6: Revenue flows in an operator versus device vendor application store model
Figure 7: Operator application store strategies
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Mobile content and applications in emerging markets: operator strategies
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