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Mobile Broadband Industry Survey, Asia-Pacific: 2009–10

April 2010 | 16 pages | ID: M5BCC8E4F3AEN

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Results from Ovum and Telecom Asia’s Asia-Pacific mobile broadband industry survey show a maturing industry. Although respondents in our 2009–10 survey still believe mobile broadband is good news, they are now more realistic about its benefits when compared to the more overt enthusiasm of 2008–09’s survey. Margin expectations are more reasonable, the threat to fixed broadband is better understood, and new charging methods beyond flat rates are being explored.
Executive summary
In a nutshell
Ovum view
Mobile broadband still good news, but realism sets in
Forecast margins for mobile broadband are strong
Watch out fixed broadband! Mobile broadband is coming
Laptops/netbooks and handsets are key devices
Differentiation is difficult
Proposition must be more than just cheap pricing
Forget about VASs as a differentiator
Access is the killer application
Browsing is the leading traffic-generating application
Unlimited/flat-rate charging models most effective
Traffic growth poses challenges
Backhaul is restraining services; investment is required
Wired or wireless backhaul investment?
Radio access capacity less of an issue than backhaul, but only slightly
Solving the capacity crunch
Survey methodology
About the survey
About the respondents


Table 1: Main country in which respondents do business


Figure 1: Will mobile broadband be a higher- or lower-margin business for operators than mobile voice?
Figure 2: What impact will mobile broadband have on the fixed broadband market?
Figure 3: What device types will drive the most traffic growth?
Figure 4: What is the most important differentiator in the mobile broadband market?
Figure 5: What types of content will drive more traffic growth?
Figure 6: What type of application will be the main driver of traffic growth?
Figure 7: What is the most effective way to charge for mobile broadband services?
Figure 8: Do you think backhaul capacity…
Figure 9: Will wired or wireless backhaul technology achieve greater growth in 2010?
Figure 10: Do you think radio access network capacity…
Figure 11: Aside from installing more capacity, what will be the most effective solution to deal with traffic growth?
Figure 12: Job function of respondents
Figure 13: Respondents by company type

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