Ireland (Country Telecoms Regulation Overview)

Date: June 23, 2010
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Ireland (Country Telecoms Regulation Overview)
Compared with most European member states, mobile broadband In Ireland has experienced strong growth over the past two years. However, Ireland still ranks below the EU27 average fixed broadband penetration, with 20.2% and 22.9% respectively. Infrastructure competition in the broadband market is one way to increase the penetration rate of fixed broadband, and as such the Irish regulator ComReg, imposed a substantial price cut on monthly rental charges for shared access to LLU in 2009. The 91% reduction of wholesale tariffs will promote competition in the Irish fixed broadband market, and should ultimately lead to faster broadband speeds and lower prices for end users.

Decisions on spectrum refarming and the digital dividend are still pending, despite ComReg having conducted a lengthy and thorough consultation process. The future use of the digital dividend and liberalization of the 900MHz and 1,800MHz bands in Ireland are the current major regulatory issues at stake. ComReg is expected to make a decision on these issues as soon as possible.

In the retail market analysis of 2005, ComReg separated the retail fixed call market from the retail fixed access market, and in October 2007 it removed all remedies in the former given the level of competition. For the retail fixed access market, ComReg imposed a retail price cap remedy on Eircom. It will review this market again in the second half of 2010 to decide whether deregulation is appropriate.
Ovum view
Fixed market overview
Mobile market overview
Broadband market overview
National regulatory authority
Key legislation and regulation
National broadband plan
Mobile licensing
3G licenses
Retail regulation
Retail regulation obligations
Deregulation of retail fixed calls market
Retail fixed access market
VoIP regulation
Wholesale fixed regulation
Services subject to regulation
Narrowband voice interconnection
Fixed wholesale call origination
Fixed wholesale call termination
Basis for setting charges
Procedure for setting and reviewing charges
Format of charges
Fixed number portability
Wholesale access
Wholesale line rental (WLR)
Bundling regulation
Local loop unbundling
Wholesale broadband services
Wholesale mobile regulation
Mobile operators’ obligations
Mobile termination charges
3 Ireland
Mobile origination access and MVNOs
Mobile number portability
Services subject to regulation
Spectrum policy
Liberalization of GSM900 and GSM1,800 bands
Spectrum release for wireless broadband
Roadmap for upcoming spectrum release
Competition cases
Cases pending
Universal service
Universal service obligations
Universal service fund
The EC’s market definitions


Table 1: Broadband subscribers by technology in Ireland
Table 2: 3 Ireland broadband speeds in NBS area
Table 3: Required rollout schedule
Table 4: 3G licenses issued in Ireland
Table 5: Mobile operators in Ireland (4Q09)
Table 6: Summary of deregulation in the retail fixed calls market
Table 7: Fixed-line sector: services subject to regulation
Table 8: Glidepath for Vodafone, Meteor, and O2: target blended maximum MTRs (€)
Table 9: Target blended maximum MTRs for 3 Ireland (€ cents)
Table 10: Mobile sector: services subject to regulation
Table 11: Indicative dates for upcoming spectrum awards in Ireland
Table 12: The EC’s definition of relevant markets and SMP designation
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Ireland (Country Telecoms Regulation Overview)
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