Finland (country regulation overview)

Date: September 23, 2010
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Finland (country regulation overview)
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Finland’s fixed-line market is currently fairly fragmented, with several local and long-distance carriers branching out into each other’s markets, encouraging competition. However, despite these players’ competitive pricing, the number of fixed-line subscriptions declined over recent years, primarily due to fixed-to-mobile substitution (FMS).

Finland's fixed broadband market performed much better compared with the EU, with a penetration rate of 29.4% (compared with an EU average of 24.8%) as of year-end 2009. However, even this market saw a decline in 2009 due to the increasing adoption of mobile broadband services. To increase the country’s fixed broadband market share, the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA) recently pledged (in April 2010) to invest in 800 broadband network projects as part of the “Broadband 2015” project. These initiatives are expected to increase FTTH market share and maintain fixed broadband uptake in the long run, and thus reduce the rate of FMS in the country.

FICORA, which has always been a pioneer in introducing new technologies in the global mobile market, allocated additional frequencies in the GSM 1800MHz band in April 2009 and issued 4G licenses in the 2.6GHz band in November 2009 for offering LTE-based services. The introduction of 4G technologies is expected to enable service providers to launch innovative mobile broadband services at increased speeds.
Ovum view
Fixed market overview
Broadband market
Mobile market overview
National regulatory authority
Competition authority
Key legislation and regulation
Current status of market analysis
Mobile licensing
3G licenses
UMTS 900 and 1800
4G spectrum
Digital dividend
Retail regulation
SMP operators’ obligations in retail market
Wholesale fixed regulation
Services subject to regulation
Number portability
Narrowband voice interconnection
Cost model for reference interconnect offer
Procedure for setting and reviewing charges
Wholesale access
Wholesale unbundled access
Wholesale broadband services
Naked DSL
Finland’s national broadband strategy
Wholesale mobile regulation
Services subject to regulation
Mobile termination rates
MVNO termination rates
National roaming
Mobile number portability
Competition cases
Telecoms companies fined for abuse of dominant market position
Universal service
Universal service funding
The EC’s market definitions


Table 1: Finland: mobile market information
Table 2: Finland: Additional 3G frequencies*
Table 3: Finland: 2.6GHz spectrum allocation
Table 4: Fixed sector: services subject to regulation
Table 5: Mobile sector: services subject to regulation
Table 6: Finnish mobile termination rates for 2007–2011 (€ cents per minute ($ cents/min)
Table 7: The EC’s definition of relevant markets and SMP designation


Figure 1: Fixed-line telephony subscribers in Finland
Figure 2: Fixed broadband subscribers in Finland
Figure 3: Mobile subscribers in Finland
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Finland (country regulation overview)
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