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eSports: The Spectacular Rise of a Social Phenomenon

September 2018 | 42 pages | ID: EA88E1F077AEN
IDATE Consulting & Research

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eSports, the practice of playing video games competitively, attracts an audience of nearly 350 million people worldwide, mainly on the Web.

In addition to considering the audience potential, this report analyses the social phenomenon at an economic level.

It also examines the major industry players: game publishers, Web and TV broadcasters, advertisers, event organisers and betting companies.

Finally, IDATE DigiWorld presents its market forecasts for 2022 by segment: publisher/developer investment in eSports, media rights, ticketing and merchandising, sponsorship and advertising, and eSports gambling revenues.


2.1. The video game and eSports market
  Video games and eSports, two high-growth sectors
2.2. eSports indicators show a healthy outlook
  eSports games: 10 games account for 80% of annual prize pools
  China, the United States and South Korea dominate eSports
  Competitions are driving the sector’s economic dynamic
  A record year for investment in eSports


3.1 Publishers and development studios are increasingly pursuing an industry strategy
  eSports is now considered as a business activity in its own right by publishers and developers
  The main industry benefits of eSports
  Publishers are legitimately seizing some of the value of eSports
  Game development studios regard eSports as a new development model
  The Fortnite phenomenon: a commercial success with unparalleled eSports potential
  eSports, an industry strategy
3.2 Promoters and franchises are strengthening their position in the value chain
  Two competition structure model coexist
  Tournament organisers, central to the success of eSports…
  … but targeted by investors
  Teams are becoming businesses
3.3 Broadcasters and advertisers excited but unsure
  Audience challenges and assessing the reach of eSports events
  Web broadcasts, a natural home for eSports
  TV broadcasters seeking eSports audiences
  Communication and advertising companies: engaging with millennials
3.4 A future marriage of sports and eSports
  The US sports imprint
  In Europe, football clubs are the first to position themselves
3.5 Betting companies are waiting for more favourable legislation
  US legislation is making room for development of gambling in the United States
  eSports competition betting websites: another form of professionalism
  Will fantasy league sites take root in Europe?
  The major betting companies: huge money-making opportunities
  Marketplaces thriving on “skins”


4.1 Market segmentation
4.2 World market data and forecasts from 2017 to 2022


Chronicles for September 2018


Growth of the global eSports market and its components (million EUR)
Revenue growth for major creative industries (Billion EUR)
Revenue growth for the video game sector (Billion EUR)
The world video game market by segment (%)
Comparison of revenue growth for the video game and eSports sectors (Billion EUR)
eSports games by cash prizes awarded, 2017 (million USD)
Peak unique viewers on Twitch (Thousands)
Top 10 most watched games on Twitch, in hours watched
Country rankings based on prizes won by players from those countries
Team ranking by winnings in 2017 (million USD)
Cash prize growth in eSports competitions (million USD)
Cash prize growth for the finals of Dota 2 (Valve Corp.) The International (million USD)
Total active players competing in official tournaments
Total official tournaments
Average tournament prize pool (USD)
Average earnings per player (USD)
eSports investment
The e-sports ecosystem
The major eSports leagues created by publishers/developers
Global audiences for major eSports events (million unique online viewers)
Audiences for the major sporting events in the United States
Global consumption of eSports video content by type of platform, 2011-2017 (million hours)
GVC revenue sources (2017)
Major GVC broadcast platforms in number of viewers
Major non-endemic eSports advertisers
eSports revenue growth worldwide, 2018-2022 (million EUR)
eSports revenues in 2018 and 2022 (%)
Global e-sports sponsorship and advertising revenues, 2018-2022 (million EUR)
Global eSports sponsorship revenues, 2018-2022 (million EUR)
Global eSports revenues by region, 2017-2021 (million EUR)
Breakdown of global eSports revenues by region in 2018 and in 2022
eSports audience by continent (millions)
Breakdown of the global eSports audience by continent in 2018 and 2022

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