Desktop-as-a-service brings shared services to the desktop

Date: January 23, 2010
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Desktop-as-a-service brings shared services to the desktop
Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) is a way of providing a fully managed desktop service from the cloud. Based on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), DaaS offers the flexibility and agility of VDI, with the elasticity of the cloud. As yet, thin-client technologies have failed to find favour with customers, except in a few special cases. DaaS shares the ability to reduce desk-side and on-site support with thin-client delivery of desktops, while the delivery of VDI via the cloud provides a flexible and less expensive service capable of expanding and contracting in line with business needs. Ovum believes that DaaS will be a viable delivery option for the majority of the workforce of most large enterprises within three to five years, but that most enterprises and public sector organisations will opt for a hybrid dedicated/shared services model rather than ‘pure’ cloud to solve data assurance needs.
Executive summary
In a nutshell
Ovum view
DaaS has the potential to expand desktop virtualisation beyond the existing thin-client user base
DaaS and VDI extend the manageability of thin-client to a broad spectrum of users
Primary users
The business case for desktop virtualisation stalled in the downturn
Worth considering on environmental grounds
The promise of DaaS
DaaS can help organisations transition their IT spending from capex to opex
The flexibility of cloud
DaaS offers elasticity to cope with the peaks and troughs of the business cycle
Most enterprises and public sector organisations will be better off with a hybrid service than ‘pure’ cloud
Location, location
Compliance vs. sharing?
Sharing infrastructure
Hybrid contracts
Hybrid pricing models
Hybrid delivery
DaaS will broaden the appeal of desktop virtualisation
How to tap the potential of DaaS
Recommendations for organisations
Seek reassurances and evidence that service providers can meet robust enterprise-class SLAs and data assurance requirements
Make the case for business units, departments and end users accepting greater levels of standardisation than they may be accustomed to
Be clear about the on-ramps and exit strategies for different vendors’ solutions
Recommendations for technology and service providers
Deliver device- and location-independent services to the widest possible workforce with minimal onsite support
Service providers should surround DaaS with a portfolio of complementary services
The business case for cloud should not primarily focus on cost
Government and public sector organisations are prime candidates for shared, centrally managed services such as DaaS


Figure 1: Comparison of DaaS flavours
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Desktop-as-a-service brings shared services to the desktop
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