Defense Communication - Tactical Radio Segment - 2011 Edition

Date: May 23, 2011
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Defense Communication - Tactical Radio Segment - 2011 Edition
The global market for tactical radios represents a small part of defense equipment industry. The tactical radio market has seen a significant growth over time and it is expected to grow further in coming years. Though in 2010 the industry declined but it is expected to pick up again as the global economy recovers completely from the downturn. Seeing the growth potential in defense equipment market, the players have increased and will be further increasing the capacities in coming years.

Factors like frequent wars and terrorist attacks coupled with threats have made major contribution to the massive rise in the demand for tactical radios globally and have forced governments to equip their armed forces with modern radios. In addition, major countries are empowering their armed forces to adapt advanced technologies and revamp their defense equipments. It is believed that the majority of countries are making significant investments in modernizing the communications networks of their armed forces by adopting new technologies.

North America is the primary market for tactical radios. Europe is second largest market after North America, representing the fastest growing market for tactical radios. The global tactical radio industry is now looking towards Asia, Middle East and Africa as a major growth engine. The Asian tactical radio market is growing at a significant growth rate. With the growing military spending and increasing defense budget funding, this region provides ample growth opportunities for the players.

In addition, the schedule and performance problems associated with the next-generation radio program, Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS), has driven a need for legacy radios to fill the gap. Legacy tactical radios include handheld radios, manpack radios, airborne radios, ground radios and maritime radios. Further, there are software embedded radio systems, like SINCGARS (Single channel ground and airborne systems), which have contributed to the expansion of core tactical radio segment. These radios are faced with certain technological challenges, like jamming and security problems.

The report offers an analysis of the global tactical radio market. It also discusses major market trends, growth drivers and challenges for tactical radio market. Among the major players that operate in the market for tactical radios, Harris Corporation enjoys a clear leadership, followed by ITT Communication, Thales communication, Tadiran, Raytheon, Rhode and Schwarz and Selex.

Further, we have predicted the future growth of the global tactical radio market size by combining SPSS Inc.’s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS to determine the future direction of the industry.

1.1 Defense Industry- Overview
1.2 Defense Industry- By Geographic Segment
1.3 Global Defense Communication Market: An Overview


2.1 Legacy Tactical Radios
2.2 Expanded Tactical Radios
2.3 Expanding Tactical Radios
2.4 Global Tactical Radio Market Size


3.1 Market Drivers
  3.1.1 Increasing Global Military Spending
  3.1.2 Global GDP Growth
3.2 Market Trends
  3.2.1 Increasing R&D for Communication Systems
  3.2.2 JTRS – replaced Legacy Radios
  3.2.3 Increasing Demand Due to Terrorist Attacks
3.3 Market Challenges
  3.3.1 Delayed Development of JTRS Capabilities
  3.3.2 Technological Issues


4.1 Harris Corporation
  4.1.1 Company Overview
  4.1.2 Financial Fact-sheet
  4.1.3 Business Strategies
    Development through Strategic Acquisitions
    New Product Development
    Expanding Other Markets - healthcare, IT
4.2 ITT Corporation
  4.2.1 Company Overview
  4.2.2 Financial Fact-sheet
  4.2.3 Business Strategies
    Strategic acquisitions
    Diversified Range of Products and Services
    Extensive Focus on R&D
    New Technological Development
4.3 Thales
  4.3.1 Company Overview
  4.3.2 Financial Fact-sheet
  4.3.3 Business Strategies
    Balanced Mix of Businesses
    Focus on Research & development


5.1 Market Forecast
5.2 Forecast Methodology
  5.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables
  5.2.2 Correlation Analysis
  5.2.3 Regression Analysis


Global Defense Industry - Market Revenues (2008-09)
Global Defense Industry by Geographic Segment: (Revenues, 2009)
Defense Spend as Percentage of Country’s GDP (2009)
Percentage of Total global Defense Spending, 2009
Global Defense Electronics Market Revenues: 2009-2014F
Global Distribution of Military Expenditure by Region: 2009
Global Defense Base Budget Funding (2003-2010)
Global Tactical Radios Market Revenues: 2005-2009
No. of Units Produced by Major Players of Tactical Radios in 2009
North America’s Land Radio Market, 2009
Global Military Expenditures: 2005-2010
World GDP Per Capita: 2005-2010
Global Government/Military Mobile Satellite Market: 2005-2010E
US Budget Allocation for Defense Equipment funding (2003-2009)
Comparison of Procurement of JTRS Enabled Radios: (2006, 2008 & 2009)
Global Tactical Radio Share: 2009
Worldwide Tactical Radio Market Share of Harris Corporation: (2004-2009)
Total Revenue of Harris Corporation: FY2006-FY2010
Revenues by Business Segments for FY2010
Net Revenue of ITT Corporation: 2006-2010
Revenue Contributed by Business Segment: (%, 2010)
Net Revenue of Thales: 2009-2010
Revenue by Business Segments, (%, 2010)
Global Tactical Radio Market Revenue (2005 – 2013E)


Types of Legacy Tactical Radios
Versions of SINCGARS Military Radios
Tactical Radio – Models and Features
Dependent & Independent Variables (2005 – 2009)
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output
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Defense Communication - Tactical Radio Segment - 2011 Edition
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