Commercial voice biometrics in 2010

Date: March 23, 2010
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Commercial voice biometrics in 2010
Despite enterprise contact center investments in technologies designed to cut costs, commercial deployments of voice biometrics have been left out in the cold. In the past, this was because of the technology’s instability. But despite marked improvements and the ability to create robust solutions, voice biometrics still hasn’t enjoyed the widespread proliferation purveyors of the technology anticipate.

Ovum’s 2009 report The Future of Voice Biometrics in the Enterprise Market outlined some of the issues facing the technology, provided an overview of its capabilities and benefits, and listed recommendations for both vendors and enterprises. This report examines demand for voice biometrics given the gradual recovery of the market, the end of the major upheaval in financial services sectors (one of the major prospects for voice biometrics), and the recent partnerships between providers of contact center infrastructure and providers of voice biometrics technologies and solutions. Additionally, this report reassesses areas of penetration for voice biometrics-based solutions.
Executive summary
In a nutshell
Ovum view
Recommendations for enterprises
Implement an internal pilot to educate employees
Publicize the solution to educate the general public and push enrollments
Use the Internet and social networking sites to drive awareness, and listen to customer feedback
Voice biometrics is a marketing opportunity
Keep testing the solution
Recommendations for vendors
Push the solutions, not the technology
Offer flexible deployment models
Expand your vision
Voice biometrics defined
Practical applications for the technology
Speaker identification and voice verification
Drivers for investment
Security versus service
Current investment trends for enterprise voice biometrics
Maintaining a competitive edge
Barriers to enterprise investments
Outlook for voice biometrics
Scenario 1: 2011 will be the watershed for uptake of commercial voice biometrics solutions
Interest hasn’t led to investments
Scenario 2: Deployments in large-scale enterprises are continuously delayed
Scenario 3: Consumers reject voice biometrics solutions


Figure 1: Physical and behavioral characteristics of a voiceprint
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Commercial voice biometrics in 2010
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