Brazil (country regulation overview)

Date: January 23, 2010
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Brazil (country regulation overview)
The Brazilian regulator and government launched several initiatives to promote the expansion of broadband access in 2009. The three main initiatives were the proposal of a National Broadband Plan, Anatel’s approval of the provision of broadband over power line communications (PLC), and the Popular Broadband Programme in Sao Paulo state. Other local and regional programmes providing Internet access in public institutions such as schools and libraries have also been put in place. This is a very important move considering the low penetration of broadband in Brazil (5.6% as of the second quarter of 2009) in comparison with other South and Central American countries such as Chile (9.0%) and Mexico (8.1%), and the economic growth that increased broadband penetration can bring.

Meanwhile, the fast-growing Brazilian mobile market saw the launch of consultations concerning mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and new spectrum allocation. To complement these actions, Brazilian regulators and the government should finally hold the WiMAX auction which has been promised but on hold since 2006. This could stimulate competition in the mobile market and also help the expansion of broadband access.

Other relevant regulatory developments that should contribute to the increase in fixed-line penetration and broadband infrastructure are the proposals for reviewing universal service obligations (USOs) for localities with less than 100 inhabitants, and a review of the universal service targets for the 2011–15 period, both presented by Anatel.
Ovum view
Fixed market overview
Privatisation framework
New concession contracts
Special Class Individual Access (AICE) plan
Fixed-line penetration rate
Revision of the telecommunications regulation
Short-term actions (maximum of two years to implementation)
Medium-term actions (maximum of five years to implementation)
Long-term actions (maximum of ten years to implementation)
Broadband access promotion
National Broadband Plan
Broadband over power line communications
Popular Broadband Programme
Telefonica ‘Speedy’ service interruption
Mobile market overview
Mobile licensing
2G licences
3G licences
Mobile operators
Mobile penetration rate
Recent developments in mobile regulation
National regulatory authority
Key legislation and regulation
Foreign ownership restrictions
Retail regulation
Wholesale fixed regulation
Narrowband voice interconnection
VoIP services
Number portability
Services subject to regulation
Basis for setting charges
Cost model for RIO
Procedure for setting and reviewing charges
Format of charges
Narrowband flat-rate interconnection
Flat-rate Internet access call origination (FRIACO)
Wholesale access
Wholesale line rental
Wholesale broadband services
Broadband services
Local loop unbundling
Wholesale mobile regulation
Wholesale mobile regulation in Brazil
Number portability
Services subject to regulation
Format of charges
Competition cases
Decree approves Brasil Telecom acquisition of Oi
Anatel approves TI/Telefonica deal with restrictions
Universal service
Universal service obligations
New proposals in October 2009
Broadband in the USO
Universal service funding


Table 1: STFC’s concessionaires and mirror companies
Table 2: Brazilian fixed operators and market share in 2Q09
Table 3: 2G mobile operators’ bands and service areas
Table 4: Brazilian mobile operators and their 3G licence offers
Table 5: 3G mobile operators’ bands and service areas
Table 6: Brazil: main mobile operators and market share in December 2009
Table 7: Fixed sector in Brazil: services subject to regulation
Table 8: Mobile sector: services subject to regulation


Figure 1: Interconnect architecture
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Brazil (country regulation overview)
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