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Brainware - Distiller

January 2011 | 12 pages | ID: B6BA6AFF449EN

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Despite the gradual decline of paper usage in the major industrial countries, it still continues to be a major element of multiple business processes. Brainware Distiller can improve business processes and reduce costs by eliminating the majority of requirements for expensive manual sorting of documents and extraction of information required to complete business transactions.

Features and benefits
  • Distiller uses its patented classification technology to sort incoming documents based on their content, irrespective of format or layout.
  • Brainware Distiller incorporates embedded, fault-tolerant search technology that allows the system to reconcile extracted information against known

Embedded search technology that enables fault-tolerant validation and reconciliation of information. Distiller does not depend on templates and other rules-based techniques, allowing it to scale impressively.

A single platform solution that is capable of processing a wide array of semi- and unstructured documents including invoices, orders, remittances, etc., in more than 200 languages. Uses advanced pattern recognition technologies to capture specific fields of data as well as line item detail from documents.

Your key questions answered
  • Brainware Distiller should be on the short list when considering enterprise data capture solutions for high-volume, complex data capture requirements
  • The system can support the transformation and has demonstrated that it can pay for itself in 12 months or less.
  • Brainware Distiller can be and has been used to replace existing document and/or optical character recognition (OCR) -based data capture solutions

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