Blending open and closed TV services

Date: March 23, 2010
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Blending open and closed TV services
Hybrid TV combines a diversity of delivery platforms, and in many cases erodes the boundaries of traditional closed network services, creating new, more open distribution channels for pay-TV operators and content providers. At the same time, as online video and hybrid TV gain further momentum, the multi-channel landscape is evolving into one where disruptive OTT providers increasingly enable à la carte access to historically closed services via open delivery platforms that are network-independent.
Executive summary
In a nutshell
Ovum view
Key messages
For network-based pay-TV operators
For CE vendors
For broadcasters
For premium content providers and aggregators
For adjacent players in TV and video distribution
For telcos and ISPs
Definitions of open and closed TV
A user perspective
Open TV
Closed TV
Reality is not so black and white
Bringing open TV into a closed network environment
Providing OTT content via pay-TV and gaming console networks
Delivering broadcasters’ catch-up TV services to closed user groups
Pay-TV operators have lost their monopoly on closed distribution
Third-party VoD on pay-TV or online console platforms
Accessing user-generated video services on pay-TV networks
Running social media applications across a closed network
Bringing closed TV into an open network environment
Offering blended services via standalone retail CE devices
Delivering online VoD to the large screen
Network-independent TV distribution
Hybrid TV and OTT video create opportunities for networkless players
CE-based case studies
Dedicated hybrid service case studies
Fetch TV
  Business model
  Features and user experience
  Business model
  Features and user experience
  Business model
  Features and user experience
TV widgets: a mix of open and closed environments
CE-based widgets: bringing the web directly to the TV set
Incorporating widgets into pay-TV platforms
Contextual relevance is a key differentiator for operator-based widgets


Table 1: Blending open and closed TV
Table 2: Online VoD services with TV-based delivery options
Table 3: Catch-up TV services with TV-based delivery options
Table 4: Yahoo TV Widgets
Table 5: Yahoo TV Widgets availability by CE vendor
Table 6: Top five DIRECTV widgets (March 2010)


Figure 1: Open TV in a closed network environment
Figure 2: Closed TV in an open network environment
Figure 3: TV Widgets span the open and closed network environments
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Blending open and closed TV services
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