Abiquo - Abiquo Enterprise Edition

Date: January 23, 2011
Pages: 16
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Publisher: Ovum
Report type: Brief Review
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Abiquo - Abiquo Enterprise Edition

The Abiquo platform is one of the most competitive offerings currently available, and, backed by a recently raised $10m, it can only get better. However, the company itself needs to boost its resources and partner network to ensure the success of its offering. This report provides an overview of the Abiquo Enterprise Edition (AEE) Platform.

Features and benefits
  • Describes AEE's main strenghts: e.g. supports 6 hypervisors with automatic conversion between them, sophisticated workload orchestration engine
  • Points out Abiquo and AEE's shortcomings, e.g. small company facing big competitors, some missing features (e.g. VM snapshots scheduling).
  • Provides details of AEE's advanced system and workload management capabilties

AEEfeatures one of the most advanced and user-friendly web-based user interfaces that Ovum has seen so far.Management automation relies on one of the most powerful workload management currently available. It enables administrators to set, edit, and manage cloud policies based on a variety of criteria to automate various aspects of management, such as utilization (including CPU and RAM over-provisioning,), energy costs, security, and compliance etc.Connection to third-party marketplaces such as the Amazon marketplace is possible on a custom integration basis. Ovum expects out-of-the-box integration to come later, as it is a feature that many of Abiquo’s competitors offer (although Abiquo asserts that there is currently little or no demand from its customer base).

Your key questions answered
  • What are the main strengths and weaknesses of AEE for enterprises and cloud service providers?
  • What are the capabilities of the AEE when it comes to service, system, network and storage management?
  • How does AEE delivers reliability, scalability, and security? How does it integrate with third party management and billing systems?

Key findings
Ovum view


Solution overview
  Editions and components
  Looking ahead
Solution analysis
  Service management
  System management
  Network management
  Storage management
  Reliability and availability


Market opportunity
Go to market strategy


Deployment examples
  i2k2 Networks
  Vivavo Inc


Further reading
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Abiquo - Abiquo Enterprise Edition
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