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China Top Tier Company B Cell / Module Cost Analysis Report

January 2012 | 100 pages | ID: C61839D0351EN
SNE Research

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The business profit rate became negative last year since the sale price of PV modules has fallen down to the level of production cost due to the solar market downturn and hence solar companies are continuously devoting efforts to continue to survive in the solar market.

The Chinese Top Tier Company 'B' which vertically integrated the cell/module business maintains an equivalent level of cell and module capacity since it uses all the cells produced to manufacture modules. The production capacity is expecting to expand to 2.3GW this year from 1.9GW last year and through continuous expansion the capacity is expecting to reach 2.9GW by 2015.

The production cost of module last year in 4Q is 62.5% compared to 2009 Q1. The production cost has been reduced by 26.5% from material cost including glass and film, 6.4% from selling and administration expense, 4.6% from labor expense.

This report contains Company 'B's quarterly production cost analysis of cell/module from 2009 to 2015. In particular by providing production cost and price for component parts for each production process, the production cost analysis is presented with clearer evidence. In addition strategies for cost reduction, CapEx, Opex are provided.
  • Raw material Cost Analysis (2009~2015F)
  • Process Cost and Average Selling Price (2009~2015F)
  • CapEx & OpEx (2009~2015F)
  • Profit Margin & Net Profit Margin (2009~2015F)
  • R&D Topics (2011~2015F)
  • Capacity & Production by quarter (2009~2015F)

1.1. Manufacturing Process of c-Si Cell
  1.1.1. Preparation of substrates
  1.1.2. Forming P-N junction
  1.1.3. Diffusion ways of impurities
  1.1.4. Forming reflective barrier
  1.1.5. Forming Electrode
1.3. Manufacturing Process of c-Si Module
  1.3.1. Cell Selection
  1.3.2. Tabbing & String
  1.3.3. Module Setting
  1.3.4. Lamination
  1.3.5. Appearance Check
  1.3.6. Assembly
  1.3.7. Performance Test


2.1. Cell Manufacturing Process Overview
2.2. Cell Capacity & Production by Plant, by Quarter (2009~2015F)
2.3. Cell Cost Analysis by Quarter (2009~2015F)
  2.3.1. Raw Material Cost and Consumption by Quarter (2009~2015F)
  2.3.2. Cell Production Cost Structure (2009~2015F)
  2.3.3. Cell Profit Margin and Average Selling Price (2009~2015F)
2.4. Cost Reduction Plan (2011~2015F)
2.5. CapEx by Plant (2009~2015F)
2.6. OPEX and Net Profit Margin (2009~2015F)
2.7. Conclusion


3.1. Module Manufacturing Process Overview
3.2. Module Capacity & Production by Plant, by Quarter (2009~2015F)
3.3. Module Cost Analysis by Quarter (2009~2015F)
  3.3.1. Module Production Cost Structure (2009~2015F)
  3.3.2. Module Profit Margin and Average Selling Price (2009~2015F)
3.4. Cost Reduction Plan (2011~2015F)
3.5. CapEx by Plant (2009~2015F)
3.6. OPEX and Net Profit Margin (2009~2015F)
3.7. Conclusion


4.1 Figure
4.2 Table

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