The Film Distribution Market in Russia

Date: January 23, 2011
Pages: 200
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The Film Distribution Market in Russia
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Exhaustive information on the Russian market (theatrical, video and digital streaming distribution): legal aspects, the formation of the market and its current state, the principal players, market trends, and development prospects.


1.1 The overall structure of the Russian film distribution market
1.2 Legal aspects of theatrical film distribution in Russia
  1.2.1 Regulatory agencies governing the industry
  1.2.2 Key legislation
  1.2.3 Basic legal framework, rights and restrictions
  1.2.4 Mandatory fees and tax incentives
1.3 Development history of the film distribution market
1.4 Current market status
  1.4.1 Film distribution infrastructure – exhibition
  1.4.2 Films in Russian distribution
  1.4.3 Peculiarities of Russian distribution
1.5 Film distribution and exhibition market volume
1.6. Film ticket prices
1.7 Principal market players
  1.7.1 Exhibition
  1.7.2 Film distribution
1.8 Trends and predictions for future development


2.1 Overall structure of the Russian video distribution market
2.2 Legal aspects of video distribution in Russia
  2.2.1 Regulatory bodies in the video distribution sector
  2.2.2 Key legal decisions
  2.2.3 Basic legal framework, rights, and restrictions
  2.2.4 Duty and tax incentives
2.3 History of the market’s development
2.4 Current status of the market
  2.4.1 Infrastructure of the video market
  2.4.2 Video releases
  2.4.3 Video distribution
  2.4.4 Sales volumes on the licensed market
  2.4.5 An assessment of the market for pirated media
2.5 Pricing
2.6 Principal C3stributors
  2.6.2 Factory production of video disks
  2.6.3 Sales networks for video media Wholesale brokers Chain stores Brand-name outlets for video distributors and rights holders The Internet
2.7 Trends and predictions for the development of the Russian video market


3.1 Market structure for streaming digital distribution
3.2 Legal aspects of streaming distribution in Russia
  3.2.1 Regulatory agencies in the video distribution sector
  3.2.2 Key legal statutes
  3.2.3 Basic legal framework, rights, and restrictions
  3.2.4 Duty and tax incentives
3.3 The history and current status of the streaming broadcast distribution sector in Russia
  3.3.1 Television Terrestrial television Non-terrestrial TV
  3.3.2 New interactive media services (Pay-per-View, VoD and FVoD). Services offered by cable and satellite television networks and fixed telephone line Interactive services on the Internet and in mobile communications networks
  3.3.3 Problems of video piracy on the Russian Internet
3.4. Pricing and market volume
  3.4.1 Contracts granting content to TV channels
  3.4.2 Contracts granting content to VoD service providers
3.5 Principal market players
  3.5.1 Content distributors and aggregators
  3.5.2 Broadcasters – terrestrial TV channels
  3.5.3 Broadcasters of non-terrestrial TV channels
  3.5.4 Broadcasters – video on demand services
  3.5.6 Broadcasters – local networks
3.6 Trends and predictions for further development of the digital delivery market in Russia

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The Film Distribution Market in Russia
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