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Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Industry Report, 2007-2008

July 2008 | 210 pages | ID: F05D7EDD949EN

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Flexible printed circuit or FPC, industry emerged firstly in Japan, which was about the year of 2002, and began appearing in other countries in 2003. In 2005, the industry developed rapidly, but not long after it began declining in the following year. The industry fell to the bottom in 2007 and started recovering in 2008.

In 2005, FPC industry had a low market entry threshold and a high profit, which had lured a large number of companies into the market. However, in the following year, competition in the industry became increasingly fierce and oversupply also became increasingly serious, forcing many companies to cut prices for survival or even operate in red. Meanwhile, downstream clients of FPC industry, like large EMS manufacturers, built their own FPC production lines to stop outsourcing FPC business, which was another heavy blow to the FPC industry.

2007 was a turbulent year to the FPC industry. Firstly of all, the profit dropped sharply. M-FLEX, a major FPC manufacturer, only achieved a net profit of US$3 million in fiscal year 2007 in comparison with that of US$40.4 million in fiscal year 2006, down 93% year on year. Besides, Jiatong Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd, a company listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange, made a total loss of US$29.8 million in fiscal year 2007, compared to a total profit of US$12.4 million in fiscal year 2006. Secondly, there was a drop in sales revenue. For instance, Career Technology (MFG) Co., Ltd., Taiwan’s largest FPC company, has had a declining in sales revenue for three years consecutively since 2004, with its sales revenue falling to NT$6.54 billion in 2007 from NT$7.79 billion posted in 2004. Thirdly, gross profit margin dropped. In 2004, the gross profit margin of Career Technology (MFG) was 29%, but it decreased to 12% in 2007. Moreover, South Korean largest FPC producer Young Poong had to split its FPC business from the listed company so as to appease investors. Other small FPC manufacturers went bankruptcy directly.

However, the closedown of a large number of small FPC companies has brought opportunities to the FPC industry. The industry began to recover from the early beginning of 2008. Unfortunately, the FPC industry is faced with another predicament of a global economic slowdown, skyrocketing oil prices, sub-prime lending crisis and grain price hikes. A decreasing demand for consumer electronics including handset, notebook, flat panel TV, LCD, digital camera and DV, is the key reason behind the fall in FPC demand.

However, the Japanese FPC producers with the state-of-the-art technology are the exceptions. Even if when the industry was in a downturn in 2007, their sales revenue and gross profit margin all rose instead of drop.


1.1 Global PCB Industry Pattern
1.2 Overview of China PCB Industry
1.3 Global Conventional PCB (Rigid Printed Circuit Board) Industry Pattern
1.4 Global FPC Industry Pattern


2.1 FPC Variety and Development
2.2 Latest Developments of Global FPC Industry
2.3 Downstream Markets of Global FPC Industry
2.4 Introduction of Rigid-Flex Board
2.5 Rigid-Flex Board Applications and Market Study
2.6 High-Density FPC Applications
2.7 Development Trend of Technical Requirements of High-Density FPC


3.1 FCCL Industry
  3.1.1 Constituents of FCCL
  3.1.2 Comparison between 2L FCCL and 3L FCCL
3.2 FCCL Manufacturers
  3.2.1 Taiflex Scientific
  3.2.2 ThinFlex Corp.
  3.2.3 Guangzhou Hongren Electronic Industry Co., Ltd.
  3.2.4 AEM Co., Ltd
  3.2.5 Kunshan Aplus Tec. Corporation
  3.2.6 Jiujiang Flex Co., Ltd.
  3.2.7 Dongyi High-tech Material Co., Ltd.
  3.2.8 Huashuo Electronic Chemical Material Co., Ltd
  3.2.9 Shenzhen Danbang FCCL Co., Ltd.
  3.2.10 Du Pont Wirex Ltd
  3.2.11 RCCT
  3.2.12 Mircrocosm Technology Co., Ltd


4.1 Nippon Mektron
4.2 Zhuhai Zixiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
4.3 Mectec
4.4 Fujikura
4.5 Sony Chemical
4.6 Sony Chemicals Corporation (Suzhou)
4.7 Nitto Denko
4.8 Nitto Denko (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
4.9 Sumitomo Denko
4.10 Parlex
4.11 Parlex (Shanghai) Circuit Co., Ltd.
4.12 M-Flex
4.13 M-FLEX (Suzhou)
4.14 GTS (Shenyang) Electronic Co., Ltd
4.15 Ichia Electronics (Z.S) Co., Ltd
4.16 Yahsin
4.17 Unimicron
4.18 Mutual-Tek Industries Co., Ltd.
4.19 Xiamen NewFlex Electronics Co., Ltd
4.20 Tongjia Technology Co., Ltd
4.21 Flexium Interconnect, Inc
4.22 Shenzhen Jiazhihong Electronic Co., Ltd.
4.23 Shanghai World Circuit Technology Co., Ltd
4.24 KinWong Electronic (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
4.25 Career Technology (MFG.) Co., Ltd.
4.26 Baijia Science and Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
4.27 Global Flex (Suzhou) Co., Ltd
4.28 TC Precision Electronics Division
4.29 Compeq
4.30 AKM Electronics Industrial Ltd
4.31 Shenzhen Danbond Technology Co., Ltd
4.32 Topsun & FPC Technology Co., Ltd.
4.33 Zhuhai Hongguang Electronic Co., Ltd.
4.34 Guangzhou Sincere Flex Circuits Co., Ltd.
4.35 Compass Technology Co., Ltd
4.36 Jinda Printed Circuits Co., Ltd.
4.37 Onpress Printed Circuits Limited
4.38 Shenzhen Huaxuda Precision Circuit Technology Co., Ltd
4.39 Shenzhen Silicon Technology Co., Ltd
4.40 Shenzhen Topscom Electronics Co., Ltd
4.41 Shenzhen City Nine Days Development Co., Ltd
4.42 Young Poong
4.43 Interflex
4.44 SI Flex


Statistics & Forecast of Output Value and Product Structure of PCB Producers in Mainland China, 2000-2010
Investment Composition of Chinese PCB Companies by Region
Global Traditional PCB Industry Layout by Revenue
Growth Rates of Global FPC & Traditional PCB Shipment, May 2006-May 2008
Monthly BOOK/BILL Ratio of FPC Industry, May 2006-May 2008
Statistics and Forecast of FPC Downstream Applications, 2004-2008
Rigid-Flex Printed Board Market Sizes, 2003-2007
FPC Industry Chain
Global Shipment of 2L FCCL by Three Fabrication Methods
Global Market Shares of FCCL Manufacturers
Development of Overseas FCCL Giants
Concentration Degrees of Top Three 2L/3L Manufacturers, 2005
Statistics & Forecast of Revenue and Gross Profit Rate of Taiflex Scientific Co., 2000-2008
Revenue of Taiflex Scientific Co., Ltd by Customer, 1-3Q 2005
Thinflex-H 2L FCCL Product Structure of ThinFlex Corp.
Thinflex-X 2L FCCL Product Structure of ThinFlex Corp.
Thinflex- A 2L Double-sided FCCL Product Structure of ThinFlex Corp.
ThinFlex-T FCCL Product Structure of ThinFlex Corp.
ThinFlex-J FCCL Product Structure of ThinFlex Corp
ThinFlex-I Coverlay Product Structure of ThinFlex Corp
ThinFlex-F Adhesive Sheet Product Structure of ThinFlex Corp.
ThinFlex-N Bond Ply Product Structure of ThinFlex Corp.
Achievements of ThinFlex Corp., 2002-2007
Operating Revenue & Gross Profit Rate of Microcosm Technology Co., 2001-2007
Operating Revenue and Gross Profit Margin of Fujikura, FY2003-2007
Sales of Sumitomo Electric Industries, FY2000-2006
Revenue of Downstream Applications of Sumitomo Electric, FY2007-2009
Revenue Structure of Electronic Division of Sumitomo Electric, FY2007-2009
Quarterly Sales, Profit and Investment of Parlex, 1999Q4-2005Q1
Financial Performance of Parlex
Sales of Multi-Fineline Electronix, FY2003-2007
Quarterly Sales of Multi-Fineline Electronix, 2003-2007
Net Profits of Multi-Fineline Electronix, 2003-2007
Statistics & Forecast of Revenue & Gross Profit Rate of Unimicron, 2000-2008
Statistics & Forecast of Revenue & After-tax Profit of Unimicron, 2005Q1-2008Q4
Product Revenue of Unimicron, 2007Q1-2008Q1
Structure of Product Downstream Applications of Unimicron, 2007Q1-2008Q1
Statistics & Forecast of Handset Board Shipment of Unimicron, 2006Q1-2008Q4
Factory Layout and Business Introduction of Unimicron
Production Capacity of Various Products of Unimicron, 2008
Production Capacity and Cycle of Xiamen NewFlex Electronics Co., Ltd
Product Technical Indices of Xiamen NewFlex Electronics Co., Ltd
Product Proportions of Flexium Interconnect, Inc
Statistics & Forecasted of Revenue & Gross Profit Rate of Flexium Interconnect, Inc, 2002-2009
Product Layer Classification of KinWong Electronic (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
Product Application Classification of KinWong Electronic (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
Statistics & Forecast of Revenue & Gross Profit Rate of Career Technology (MFG.) Co., Ltd., 2002-2008
Statistics & Forecast of Revenue & Operating Profit Rate of Compeq, 2003-2008
Technical Structure of Compeq Products, 2006Q1-2007Q4
Statistics & Forecast of Monthly Production Capacity of Compeq, 2004-2008
R&D Investment of Compeq, 2002-2007Q1
Compeq Proportions of Customers, 2006
Educational Background of Compeq’s Staff, 2007Q1
Production Capacity of Young Poong
Main Clients of Young Poong’s Key Products
Raw Material Changes of Interflex
Sales Revenue of Inferflex, 2002-2005
Revenue of Global Top 10 PCB Manufacturers, 2005-2007
China Top 100 PCB Producers, 2007
Revenue of Global Top 13 FPC Manufactures, 2007
FPC Applications by Via Hole Density
FPC Layers and Sheets in Electronic Products
Overview of Global Major Rigid-Flex Printed Circuit Board Producers
Performance Comparison between 2L FCCL and 3L FCCL
Comparison of Three 2L FCCL Fabrication Methods
Technical Capabilities of Taiwan’s Major FCCL Manufacturers
Arisawa Sales Revenue by Product, 2005-2007
Product List of TaiFlex Scientific Co., Ltd
Contacts of TaiFlex Scientific Co., Ltd by Region
Main Product Applications of ThinFlex
Product List of ThinFlex Corp.
FCCL Production Capacity Plans of ThinFlex Corp.
Revenue Structure of ThinFlex, 2003-2005
Company Profile of Kunshan Aplus Tec. Corporation
Company Profile of Jiujiang Flex Co., Ltd
Company Profile of Dongyi High-tech Material Co., Ltd.
FCCL Product List of Microcosm Technology Co., Ltd
Global Factories of M-FLEX
Company Profile of GTS (Shenyang) Electronic Co., Ltd
Main Customers of Ichia Electronics (Z.S) Co., Ltd
Production Capacity of Rigid PCB Related Products of Yahsin Industrial Co., Ltd
Production Capacity of Flexible PCB Related Products of Yahsin Industrial Co., Ltd.
Production Capacity of Yahsin’s Some Plants
PCB Products of Yahsin Industrial Co., Ltd
Companies in Mainland China of Yahsin Industrial Co., Ltd.
Handset Board Shipment of Unimicron, 2002-2007

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