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China PMP/MP4 Industry Report, 2006

February 2007 | 220 pages | ID: C07EB00C71FEN

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The report not only analyses and forecasts the status (shipment and prices, etc) of global and China PMP market, but previews the future development trends of PMP products on the basis of research and statistics on configuration changes of PMP products and analysis of new products of major PMP manufacturers. This report covers comprehensive analysis (mainly performance of PMP chip products and their prices) of 18 PMP core chip manufacturers and the general description of the situation of Chinese PMP design companies as well as research of over 30 PMP design companies and more than 40 PMP terminal manufacturers.

The global PMP industry achieved great results in 2006 and, the obstacle of price is disappearing gradually and the prices can be accepted by common consumers. Besides, PMP is breaking the shackle of function monotonousness and becomes more and more attractive to consumers with multi-functions. An explosive growth is just around the corner. According to ResearchInChia, in 2006, the global sales of PMP reached 5,800 units and that of 2007 is estimated to 117 million units. By the year of 2009, the global sales of PMP will reach 162 million units.

In 2006, China PMP market continued the rapid growth trend and the sales kept climbing up. According to statistics of ResearchInChina, monthly sales of PMP in China has rise from 53,000 units in Jan 2006 to 153,000 units in Nov 2006, almost tripled. The average price has fallen from RMB 936 at the beginning of the year to RMB 622 in Nov 2006, dropping by 33%.

In 2006, two great changes took place in the PMP core chip industry: firstly, ADM sold its Alchemy Au1200 production line to RMI; secondly, Intel sold its Xscale to Marvell. The two giants retreated from the PMP market almost at the same time.

In China PMP industry, upstream manufacturers and downstream manufacturers tended to coalesce. Spansion, a world known brand of flash memory manufacturer, announced to set up MP4 Division and pushed a brand-new system-level Mp3/MP4 solution for the Chinese market together with ARCA and Hyctron Electronics by adopting ARCA's S2101 controller and the operation system & software of Hyctron Electronics. The solution is adopted by many PMP manufacturers. Vivace Semiconductor, Inc., a new comer of the PMP market, signed an agreement with Beijing Huaqi Information Digital Technology Co., Ltd, the producer of the brand aigo, to support the aigo PMP production lines of Huaqi in China even worldwide and to cooperate to develop programmable, low-power and high-performance solutions. All these coalescing activities undoubtedly decreased the cost of PMP products, optimized the performance of PMP products and shortened the release time to market.

In addition, China PMP manufacturers are trying content integration. For instance, Hangzhou-based IPED Digital Technology Co., Ltd has started to provide downloading services of films, MTV, games and so on for consumers on its website.

1. Overview of PMP
1.1 Definition and Classification
1.1.1 Definition
1.1.2 Classification
1.2 Cost Structure
1.2.1 Cost Structure of Hard Disk PMP
1.2.2 Cost Structure of Flash Memory PMP
1.3 Structure of the PMP Industrial Chain

2. Status Quo and Development Trend of PMP Market
2.1 Status Quo and Forecast of Global PMP Market
2.1.1 Situation and Forecast of PMP Sales in South Korea
2.1.2 Situation and Forecast of PMP Sales Worldwide
2.2 Status Quo and Forecast of China PMP Market
2.2.1 Sales Situation of China PMP Market in 2006
2.2.2 Sales and Average Price of China PMP Market PMP Sales in China Market Average Price Trend of PMP in China Market

3. Development Trend of PMP Products
3.1 Configuration Change of China PMP Products in 2006
3.1.1 Change of Display Size
3.1.2 Change of Memory Medium and Capacity
3.1.3 Extended Functions of PMP Products
3.2 Development Trend of PMP Products in Functions
3.2.1 Terrestrial Transmission Mobile TV--to be Standard Configuration of PMP
3.2.2 Embedded PMP+GPS--One of the Development Trends in 2007
3.2.3 Diversification Trends of PMP Functions

4. Analysis of PMP Core Chip
4.1 Comparison of Major PMP Core Chips
4.2 Providers of PMP Core Chips
4.2.1 Sigma Designs Company Profile EM851x Solution EM8610L EM8620L
4.2.2 TI Company Profile TMS320DM270 DM275 TMS320DM320 TMS320DM342 OMAP2420
4.2.3 Marvell Intel Sold its Xscale to Marvell PXA25X PXA27X
4.2.4 RMI Company Profile Alchemy Au1200 Alchemy™ DBAu1200™ Development Board
4.2.5 Freescale Company Profile i.MX Application Processor Series i.MXL i.MX1 i.MX21 i.MX31
4.2.6 PNX (Formerly Philips Semiconductor) Company Profile Nexperia Multimedia Processor PNX1300 PNX1500 PNX1700 PNX0190
4.2.7 ADI Company Profile BlackFin Series
4.2.8 MagicEyes Company Profile MMSP2 Products
4.2.9 Sharp Company Profile LH7A404 Products Sharp PMP Solution
4.2.10 Samsung Company Profile S3C2440A Products
4.2.11 Atmel Company Profile AT76C120 Products
4.2.12 Fujitsu Company Profile The FR-V Series
4.2.13 SigmaTel Company Profile and Technological Strength Purchase of Protocom STM36XX PR818S
4.2.14 Zoran Company Profile COACH 7 COACH 8
4.2.15 Sunplus Company Profile SPCA536 Products
4.2.16 Anyka Microelectronics Company Profile and Technological Strength AK3220M Product Analysis
4.2.17 Shanghai Jade Tech Company Profile and Technological Strength Business Operation Z228 Product
4.2.18 Actions Company Profile and Technological Strength ATJ2085/2097
4.2.19 Vivace Semiconductor
4.2.19 Company Profile Strategic Ally with Huaqi (aigo) VSP200

5. PMP Design Companies
5.1 Analysis on China PMP Design Industry
5.1.1 Features of China PMP Design Companies
5.1.2 Problems with China PMP Design Companies
5.2 PMP Design Companies
5.2.1 Ingenient Company Profile PMP Solutions
5.2.2 Shenzhen New Chabridge Communication Company Profile Sigma Designs Processor-based PMP Solutions
5.2.3 B&ST (Shenzhen Bestspring Technology Co., Ltd) Company Profile PMP Products
5.2.4 SEUIC Company Profile and Technological Strength PMP Design Solution
5.2.5 SSTvision Company Profile PMP Design
5.2.6 Hangzhou Microunit Technology Company Profile PMP Design
5.2.7 Shenzhen Hivision Tech Company Profile PMP Design AMD Platform-Based PMP Solutions Sigma Design Platform-Based PMP Solutions
5.2.8 Beijing Adbon Technology Company Profile PMP Design
5.2.9 Shanghai Shangguo Electronics (UQSS) Company Profile PMP Design
5.2.10 LanSecS and Mobilesoft Company Profile PMP Design
5.2.11 Shanghai Wellcom IT Company Profile Product Introduction
5.2.12 Shanghai TenHz Software Co., Ltd Company Profile PMP Design
5.2.13 BAIDT (Best Asia International Digital Technology Ltd) Company Profile PMP Solutions
5.2.14 Shanghai Suntimes Company Profile Product Introduction
5.2.15 Argotech (Beijing) Component Profile PMP Design
5.2.16 Shenzhen LGUI Company Profile PMP Solutions
5.2.17 Shenzhen Aluka Electronic Co. Ltd Company Profile PMP Products
5.2.18 Shenzhen Techno Industrial Co., Ltd Company Profile PMP Design
5.2.19 Book Digital Technology Co., Ltd Company Profile PMP Products
5.2.20 Shenzhen Zhongheng Xingye Technology Research Co., Ltd Company Profile PMP Products
5.2.21 Shenzhen Huanshi Technology Co., Ltd Company Profile PMP Design
5.2.22 Orbbit Global Company Profile PMP Video Cameras
5.2.23 A-MAX (China) Company Profile PMP Design
5.2.24 WPI (World Peace Industrial Group, agent) Company Profile and Technological Strength PMP solutions
5.2.25 Threemen Industry Co., Ltd (agent) Company Profile PMP Design
5.2.26 Shenzhen Silicon Application Co., Ltd (agent) Company Profile PMP Design
5.2.27 Asiacom Technology (HK) Ltd (agent) Company Profile PMP Solutions
5.2.28 Arrow Electronics (component distributor, IDH solution provider) Company Profile PMP Solution
5.2.29 Jetronic Technology Limited (component distributor, solution provider)
5.2.30 Polar Star International (agent) (Fuzhou Createvision Technology Co., Ltd) Company Profile PMP Products
5.2.31 Eflagtech (Beijing Eflag Technology Co., Ltd) Company Profile Product Introduction
5.2.32 Spansion, Hyctron and ARCA Company Profile Cooperatively Push MP3/MP4 Solutions

6. PMP Terminal Manufacturers
6.1 PMP Industry of Mainland China
6.1.1 Features of China PMP Brands
6.1.2 Problems upon Sharp Increase of PMP Manufacturers Raw Material: Increasing Demand, Short Supply Saturated Channels, Unbalanced Demand and Supply Chaotic Prices and Disordered Market Competition Serious Homogenization, Featureless Brands Lack of Product Image
6.1.3 Product Strategies of Global Major PMP Manufacturers PMP Product Strategies of ARCHOS
6.2 PMP Terminal Manufacturers
6.2.1 ARCHOS
6.2.1 Beijing Huaqi Information Digital Technology Co., Ltd
6.2.3 Beijing Newman Ideal Digital Technology Co., Ltd
6.2.4 MSI
6.2.5 Samsung
6.2.6 IRIVER
6.2.7 HMCS
6.2.8 Changhong ZARVA Digital Technology Co., Ltd
6.2.9 Shenzhen Tsinghua TongFang Co., Ltd
6.2.10 Jiangsu Shinco Electronics Group Co., Ltd
6.2.11 Hisense Group
6.2.12 TCL
6.2.13 Haier Group
6.2.14 LG Electronics (China) Co., Ltd
6.2.15 Axisoft&saintech
6.2.16 PQI (Power Quotient International)
6.2.17 Founder Technology Group Co., Ltd
6.2.18 Mapower Electronics Co., Ltd
6.2.19 DMTECH
6.2.20 Beijing PAN OCEAN
6.2.21 Guangzhou HEDY Holding Co., Ltd
6.2.22 Maxian
6.2.23 SICONG Group
6.2.24 Aneca Digital
6.2.25 Travelstar
6.2.26 Dongguan Init Technology
6.2.27 ANN Digital Audio Laboratory Ltd
6.2.28 Beijing Bless Digi & Tech Co., Ltd.
6.2.29 Shenzhen Mele Digital Technology Ltd
6.2.31 Shenzhen Homeserver
6.2.32 MobiNote Technology
6.2.33 Mustek
6.2.34 Shenzhen Tokolong Technologies Co., Ltd
6.2.35 Shenzhen Eastbell Technology Co., Ltd
6.2.36 Shanghai K&C Digital
6.2.37 Zhejiang Banyu Technology
6.2.38 Shenzhen Bell Electronics Industry Co., Ltd
6.2.39 Aomg
6.2.40 Shenzhen DeGen Electronics Co., Ltd.
6.2.41 Shenzhen Owin Technology Co., Ltd
6.2.42 IPED Digital Technology Co., Ltd
6.2.43 Dongguan Gemei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
6.2.44 Shenzhen Grand Horizon International Ltd


Referential Cost Structure of Public-Version Flash Memory PMP
PMP Industrial Chain
Statistics and Forecast of PMP Sales in South Korea, 2004-2009
Statistics and Forecast of Global PMP Sales, 2006-2009
Monthly PMP Sales in China, Jan-Nov 2006
Average Selling Price (ASP) of PMP Products in China, Jan-Nov 2006
Statistics and Forecast of PMP Sales in China, 2004-2009
ASP Trends of PMP Products in China, 2004-2009
Sales Trends of PMP Products in China
Display Sizes of Different PMP Product Models in China Market, by Dec 2005
Display Sizes of Different PMP Product Models in China Market, by Nov 2006
Memory Capacity of Different PMP Product Models in China Market, by Dec 2005
Memory Capacity of Different PMP Product Models in China Market, by Nov 2006
Comparison of Mobile Application of Multimedia Contents
Diversification Trends of PMP Functions—All-In-PMP
Framework of Sigma Designs EM8510 Processor Series
Solution of Whole-Machine PMP8510
Solution of Whole-Machine PMP8510DP
Design Framework of EM8610L Processor
Design Framework of EM8620L
Solution of PMP8620L
Solution of Whole-Machine PMP8622L
TI IMS320DM270 Function Framework
Framework of TI IMS320DM320
Systemic Structure of TI OMAP2410 and OMAP2420
Systemic Framework of TI PMP Solution
Function Framework of Intel PXA255
Application Block of Intel PXA27X Processor
Design Framework of AMD Alchemy Au1200
Au1200 Processor Kernel/MAE Video Decompression
Development Roadmap of Freescale i.MX Series
Function Framework of Freescale i.MX
Function Framework of Freescale i.MX1
Function Framework of Freescale i.MX21
Function Framework of Freescale i.MX31
Framework of Philips PNX1300
Framework of Philips PNX1500
Framework of Philips PNX1700
Image of PNX0190-based Media Box
PNX0190-based PMP Solution
Function Framework of ADI BF531
Function Framework of ADI BF533
Function Framework of ADI BF561
Bladkfin Processor- Based PMP Solution of ADI
Systemic Framework of MagicEyes MMSP2
MSP2 Processor-based G2 PMP Solution of MagicEyes
MSP2 Processor-based G2 PMP Demonstration Board of MagicEyes
Framework of Sharp LH7A404
Framework of Samsung S3C2440A
Framework of Samsung S3C2440A-based PMP Design Solution
Framework of Atmel AT76C120
FR-V Chip Series
Development Roadmap of FR-V Processor
FR-V-based PMP/PMC Solutions
Core Framework of FR400
MB93405 of the FR400 Series
Core Framework of FR450
Framework of FR450 MB93461
Core Framework of FR550
Framework of FR550 MB93555A
Systemic Framework of SigmaTel STM3600
Systemic Framework of SigmaTel PR818S
COACH8-based Referential Design Framework of Zoran
Design Framework of Jade Microelectronics' Z228 Application Processor
Function Framework of Multimedia Processors
Systemic Framework of Z228 Multimedia Processor-based PMP
Function Framework of Actios Semiconductor ATJ2085
Framework of Vivace Semiconductor VSP200
Statistics of PMP Design Companies by Core Chips Adopted
TI DM2X & DM3X-based Multimedia Hardware Referential Design of Ingenien
MP4900-BRD-DM320-20: DM320-based PMP Hardware Solution of Ingenien
Whole-Machine Sample of MP4900-BRD-DM320-2
PMP Sample Player Designed by New Chabridge
Systemic Framework of SEUIC PMC Solution
Systemic Framework of Hivision's AU1200-based PMP
Systemic Framework of Hivision's Sigma Design EM8511s/ EM8561s-based PMP
Practical Operation Interface of Adbon PMP Samples
PMP Samples of UQSS
Structure of Wellcom iCAVA
THDP-AU1200: PMP Development Platform of Shanghai TenHz
Framework of Shanghai TenHz THDP-AU120
Sigma DesignsEM85xx-based PMP Board Card of Huanshi Technology
Intel PXA27-based PMP Board Card of Huanshi Technology
PMP Integral Solution of WPI Group
Freescale i.MX21-based PMP Solution of WPI Group
Interior Structure of WPI's Freescale i.MX2-based PMP Samples
Strategic Third-Party Cooperative Partner Middleware and Tool of WPI
Asiacom PMP Solutions: Asiacom 200 (a) and Asiacom 300 (b)
Strategic Ally between ARCHOS and Content Providers
Structure of MobiNOte Mobile Enterprise
Names of All PMP Products in the Market
Referential BOM of Public-Version Flash PMPs
Chips Adopted by Current PMP Products
Performance and Cost of Mainstream PMP Solutions
Prices, PMP Solutions and Referential BOM of PMP Core Chips
Referential Technological Development Cost of PMP Core Chip Providers
Function Differences between Sigma Designs EM8510 and EM8560 Series
Specifications of Whole-Machine PMP8510 Solution
Specifications of Whole-Machine PMP8510P Solution
Specifications of Whole-Machine PMP8620L Solution
Specifications of Whole-Machine PMP8622L Solution
Technological Features of TI TMS320DM270
Performance Comparision between TI OMAP2410 and OMAP2420
Performance of PXA255
Technological Indices of PXA27x
Features of Au1200 Processor
Performance of PNX1300
Performance of PNX1500
Performance of PNX1700
Referential Design Performance of PNX0190-based PMP
Specific Classification of the Blackfin Processor Series
Performance of MMSP2's Hardware
Performance Indices of MagicEyes Solutions
Performance Indices of Sharp LH7A40-based QCIF-Version Whole-Machine PMP
Performance of Atmel AT76C120
Major Function of FR-V PMC Solution I
Major Function of FR-V PMC Solution II
Features and Advantages of SigmaTel PR818S
Specifications of SigmaTel PR818S
Performance of B&ST's PMP Products
PMP Solution Configuration of SEUIC
Features of SigmaDesigns EM8511s-based PMP Solutions of SSTvision
Features of STvision's PMC Solutions
PMP-DEMO of Microunit
Functions and Costs of Adbon's Different Digital Product Solutions
Performance of Wellcom's TI DM270-based PMP/PVR Complete Solutions
Features of Shanghai TenHz's THDP-AU1200 Development Board
Indices of LGUI's GPS PMP Solution
Indices of LGUI's PMP/MP4 Solution
Indices of LGUI's GPS PVRP Solution
Indices of LGUI's PVRP Solution
Performance of Techno's PMP Products
Performance of Book Digital's PMP Products
Performance of Zhongheng Xingye's PMP Products
Performance of Hanshi's Whole-Machine PMP
Detailed Specifications of WPI's PMP Solution
Configuration of WPI's PMP Solution
Ten PMP Solutions of Asiacom Technology
Semiconductor Brands under the Agency of Arrow
Products under the Agency of Jetronic
Classification of ARCHOS' Products
Features of ARCHOS' MP4 Product Series
Performance of AECHOS' PMP Products
Performance of AECHOS' PMA Products
Performance of aigo PMP Products
Newman Video & Music King MP4 Player
Performance of Newman Wide Screen King PMP Products
Performance of Newman's other PMP Products
Performance of MSI PMP Products
Performance of Samsung PMP Products
Performance of IRIVER PMP Products
HMCS PMP Products
Performance of ZARVA PMP Products
PMP Products of Shenzhen Tsinghua Tongfang
PMP Products of Shinco
PMP10 of Axisoft&saintech
General Information of PQI
PMP Products of PQI
PMP Products of Founder Technology
Performance of Mapower Electronics' PMP Products
Performance of Mapower DMTECH's PMP Products
Performance of Mapower Pan Ocean's PMP Products
Performance of HEDY's PMP Products
Performance of Maxian's PMP Products
Performance of SICONG's PMP Products
Performance of ANECA's PMP Products
Performance of Travelstar's PMP Products
Performance of Init's PMP Products
Performance of ANN's PMP Products
Performance of Bless' PMP Products
Performance of Mele's PMP Products
Performance of Mele's Multimedia Hard Disc Player Products
Performance of SmartDisk's PMP Products
Performance of Homeserver's PMP Products
Performance of MobiNote's PMP Products
Performance of Mustek's PMP Products
Overview of Tokolong
Basic Information of Eastbell
Eastbell MP4 Players
PHISUNG MP4 Series of Shanghai K&C Digital
Cool-e MP4 Series of Shanghai K&C Digital
iMAX MP4 Series of Shanghai K&C Digital
Multifunction PMP Products of Shanghai K&C Digital
Products of Banyu
MP4 Player Products of Degen
PVP100 Products of Owin
Overview of IPED
VF Multimedia Player Products of IPED
MP4 Products of Gemei
PMP Products of Gemei
PMP Product Series of Grand Horizon International Ltd

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