China IGBT Industry Report, 2011-2012

Date: July 1, 2012
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China IGBT Industry Report, 2011-2012
With the development of energy-efficient appliances, smart grid, high-speed rails, new-energy vehicles and photovoltaic power generation etc., China is seeing rapidly grown demand for 5-inch & 6-inch thyristors, IGCTs and IGBTs. Among them, business circles pay high attention to IGBT due to its wide application and seldom local production.

China’s IGBT market size approximated USD870 million in 2011; and the sale is expected to rise to USD1.49 billion at home in 2015, presenting a CAGR of 14%.

Owing to the state-of-the-art technologies of foreign corporations such as Infineon, Fuji Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, and so forth, Chinese IGBT market is almost dominated by producers from Europe, the United States and Japan at present. Global leading players have started to develop the 7th generation technology, while local counterparts still rest on the 4th-generation technology. Local manufacturers didn’t begin IGBT production until recent years, and their technological levels remain backward. Yet, they enjoy advantages in customizing products and lowering cost although their overall strengths lag far behind foreign firms; and local enterprises can be found in all links of IGBT production chain.

Considering chip design, local enterprises comprise Keda Semiconductor and Wuxi Phoenix Semiconductor, which have realized small-scale production of low-power (600V) and medium-power (1,200V) IGBTs; with their products mainly applied in electromagnetic ovens. Xi’an Power Electronics Research Institute and Shanghai CNR Yongdian Electronics Co., Ltd. have made breakthroughs in the design of medium- and high-power IGBTs which currently remain at the stage of experimental application.

As far as chip manufacturing is concerned, among local enterprises, power semiconductor producers like Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor, Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp., Sino-MicroElectronics, CSMC Technologies Corporation and Hua Hong NEC etc. have realized mass-production of 1,200V IGBTs. China’s enterprises also have made breakthroughs in the development of 1,700V & 3,300V IGBT samples. In 2011, CSR Times Electric started IGBT industrialization project which will annually produce 120,000 8-inch IGBT chips and 1 million IGBT modules. The Project is expected to start production in 2014, with product grades varying from 600V to 6,500V.

In terms of module packaging, around 11 local enterprises including Jiaxing Starpower Semiconductor, Jiangsu Macmic Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Nanjing Silvermicro Electronics and Shenzhen BYD Microelectronics etc. have accomplished mass-production or small-scale production. Local enterprises purchase chips produced by INFINEON and SEMIKRON etc. for module packaging; and their products are mainly used in electric welders, electromagnetic ovens, UPS and control of motors.

1.1 Basic Concept of IGBT
1.2 Application of IGBT
1.3 Global IGBT Market
1.4 Development of IGBT Manufacturers


2.1 Related Policies
2.2 Technological Evolution
2.3 Industrial Layout


3.1 Power Semiconductor Market
3.2 IGBT Market Overview
3.3 IGBT Application Market
  3.3.1 Inverter Home Appliances
  3.3.2 Industrial Inverters
  3.3.3 Rail Transportation
  3.3.4 Electric Vehicles
  3.3.5 Wind Power
  3.3.6 Photovoltaic Power


4.1 Infineon
  4.1.1 Profile
  4.1.2 IGBT Operations Worldwide
  4.1.2 IGBT Business in China
4.2 Mitsubishi Electric
  4.2.1 Profile
  4.2.2 IGBT Operations Worldwide
  4.2.3 IGBT Business in China
4.3 Fuji Electric
  4.3.1 Profile
  4.3.2 IGBT Operations Worldwide
  4.3.3 IGBT Business in China
4.4 Semikron
4.5 Fairchild
4.6 Renesas
4.7 ABB


5.1 Keda Semiconductor
5.2 Xi'an Power Electronics Research Institute
5.3 Wuxi Phoenix Semiconductor
5.4 Shanghai CNR Yongdian Electronics
5.5 Shenzhen Samwin South Technology


6.1 CSR Times Electric
  6.1.1 Profile
  6.1.2 IGBT Business
  6.1.3 Dynex
6.2 Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor
6.3 Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. (ASMC)
6.4 CSMC Technologies Corporation
6.5 Sino-Microelectronics
6.6 Hua Hong NEC
6.7 Shanghai Belling
6.8 Founder Microelectronics International Co., Ltd (FMIC)
6.9 Dongguang Micro-Electronics
6.10 Ningbo BYD


7.1 Nanjing Silvermicro Electronics
7.2 Jiaxing Starpower Semiconductor
7.3 Weihai Singa Electronics
7.4 Macmic Science & Technology
7.5 CNR Yongji Electric Machine
7.6 Shenzhen BYD Microelectronics
7.7 Xiamen Hongfa Electroacoustic
7.8 Broad Ocean
7.9 Xi’An IR-PERI
7.10 Xi'an Weiguang Science & Technology
7.11 Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology


Evolution of IGBT Development
Characteristics of Various Generation IGBT Technologies
Manufacturing Process of IGBT Module
Makeups of IGBT Chip Manufacturing Cost
IGBT Applications
Global Power Semiconductor Market Size, 2010-2017
Structure of Global Power Semiconductor Market (by Product), 2011
Global IGBT Market Size, 2010-2017F
Market Share of Major IGBT Manufacturers, FY2001-FY2009
Market Share of Major IGBT Manufacturers, 2009-2010
Policies concerning IGBT, 2006-2010
Chinese IGBT Companies and Their Technologies
Layout of China IGBT Industry
Market Scale of Power Semiconductor Devices in China, 2002-2015F
IGBT Market Scale in China, 2009-2015F
IGBT Application Market in China
Sales Volume and Market Share of Inverter Air Conditioners in China, 2008-2012
Impact of IGBT Localization on Cost of Home Appliances
Major Manufacturers of IGBT for Industrial Inverter
Demand Forecast of IGBT in Rail Transportation during National 12th Five-Plan Period (2011-2015)
New Energy Vehicle Production in China and the World, 2005-2015
Total Installed Wind Power Capacity in China ,2001-2011
Main Manufactures of IGBT for PV Inverter
Total Installed PV Capacity and Growth Rate in China, 2000-2012
Percentages of Revenue and Operating Income of Infineon’s IPC Segment, Q1FY2011-Q2FY2012
Revenue and Operating Income of Infineon’s IPC Segment, Q1FY2011-Q2FY2012
Applicatin of Infenion’s IGBT in the Train
Semiconductor Devices Business Revenue and Operating Profit of Mitsubishi Electric, FY2007 -FY2011
Segmented Market Share of Fuji Electric’s IGBT Module
IGBT R&D Roadmap of Renesas,2005-2012
IGBT Product Parameters of Keda Semiconductor
Revenue and Growth Rate of Dynex, 2007- Q1 2012
Revenue of Dynex(by Product), 2007-2011
Revenue Percentage of Dynex (by Region), 2010-2011
IGBT R&D Roadmap of Zhonghuan Semiconductor, 2010-2013
Product Technologies of FMIC, 2011-2014
New Projects of Broad-Ocean Motor
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China IGBT Industry Report, 2011-2012
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