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China Smart Grid PLC Industry Report, 2010-2011

May 2011 | 73 pages | ID: C2EC6D58A7AEN

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PLC (Power Line Communication) refers to the transmitting of data or information by the existing power lines. With the current technologies, PLC finds application primarily in the power management market, and the main products cover PLC meter, collector and concentrator.

State Grid Corporation of China plans a projection of about RMB 80 billion for the construction of the power information collection system in its 27 provincial branches during 2011-2015; wherein, the capital of approximately RMB27 billion is used to purchase smart meters, and it will install 500 million smart meters in the upcoming five years. In 2010, PLC meter takes a share of less than 8% in electric meter stock in China. In the future, China's PLC meter will by degrees replace the ordinary meter. By 2015, the share of PLC meter will exceed 50%. Besides, the sales volume of PLC chips will present a CAGR of 52% in China from 2011 to 2015.

Foreign manufacturers boast advanced PLC chip technologies, but system solutions do not perform well in the application of smart grids in China. Chinese manufacturers have the advantage in localization. As of April, 2011, the main Chinese PLC chip venders include: Eastsoft, FXXC, Miartech, Qingdao Topscomm Communication, Risecomm, and Leaguer MicroElectronics, of which Eastsoft and FXXC lead the market competition.

State Grid Corporation of China have invited the biddings for energy meter for four times in 2010, accomplishing purchase volume of 38.4727million smart meters, which accounted for 80% of the total. There are nearly 100 manufacturers of smart meter in China, and the industry features fierce competition. The quantity of smart meters won by the top four bidding manufacturers get the proportion of 31.2% of the total tendered.

The number of smart meter biddings obtained by Ningbo Sanxing Electric accounts for 10%, and 7.3% for Wasion Group, the two of which rank the first echelon. Other three including Henan XJ Instrument Corpration,Chint Instrument and Meter Company,and Jiangsu Linyang Electronics Co., Ltd., obtained stable numbers in the four times of tendering. And they rank the second echelon.

1.1 Profile of PLC
1.2 Industry Chain
1.3 Market Analysis
  1.3.1 Investment in Power Information Collecting System by State Grid Corporation of China
  1.3.2 Bidding of Smart Meter by State Grid Corporation of China
  1.3.3 Market Demand for PLC
1.4 Overview of PLC Manufacturers in China


2.1 Eastsoft(300183)
  2.1.1 Profile
  2.1.2 Operation
  2.1.3 Strategy
2.2 Fuxing Xiaocheng (300139)
  2.2.1 Profile
  2.2.2 Operation
  2.2.3 Strategy
2.3 Miartech
2.4 Qingdao Topscomm Communication Co. Ltd
2.5 Risecomm
2.6 Leaguer MicroElectronics


3.1 Bid Winning of Smart Meter Manufacturers
3.2 Clou Electronics (002121)
  3.2.1 Profile
  3.2.2 Operation
  3.2.3 Strategy
3.3 Haoningda (002356)
  3.3.1 Profile
  3.3.2 Operation
  3.3.3 Strategy
3.4 Holley Metering
3.5 Ningbo Sanxing Electric
  3.5.1 Profile
  3.5.2 Operation
  3.5.3 Strategy
3.6 Wasion Group (HK:3393)
  3.6.1 Profile
  3.6.2 Operation
3.7 Jiangsu Linyang Electronics Co., Ltd.
  3.7.1 Profile
  3.7.2 Operation
  3.7.3 Strategy
3.8 Henan XJ Meter Co., Ltd
3.9 Chint Instrument and Meter Company (CIMC)


4.1 Product and Technology
4.2 Applications
4.3 Opportunities and Challenges

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