The Way We Travel: How Global Travel Behaviour has Changed in the Wake of the Recession

Date: December 23, 2010
Pages: 68
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As the world’s economy slowly emerges from recession, to what extent will current travel behaviour alter? Will consumers return to old habits, or is the new emphasis on frugality, value, individualism and sustainability here to stay? This global report draws on Euromonitor’s extensive travel and tourism database to examine the impact of the downturn and other recent adversities, such as swine flu and the Icelandic ash cloud, on the travel market, and the industry’s prospects for the future.

Strategy Briefings offer unique insight into emerging trends world-wide. Aimed squarely at strategists and planners, they draw on Euromonitor International’s vast information resources to give top line insight across markets and within consumer segments. Written by some of our most experienced analysts, they are designed as provocations for senior management to use in their own forum, allowing them to stand back and reflect on the behaviour and motivation driving global markets today and tomorrow

Data coverage: market sizes (historic and forecasts), company shares, brand shares and distribution data.

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The Way We Travel: How Global Travel Behaviour has Changed in the Wake of the Recession
Euromonitor International : Strategy Briefing
December 2010


Executive Summary
Demand Factors
  Summary 1 Factors Influencing Travel Behaviour in 2009/2010
Tourism Trends
Chart 1 Top 10 Growth Destinations in 2009
  Summary 2 Opportunities and Challenges in the Travel Industry
Factors Affcting Travel Behaviour
the State of the Economy
  Table 1 GDP Growth in Selected Countries 2004-2009
Focus on Frugal Living
  Table 2 Global Holidays by Length 2004-2009
  Table 3 Low Cost Carriers' Share of Airline Passengers in Selected Markets 2004/2009
the Importance of Loyalty
  Summary 3 Major Travel Loyalty Pogrammes 2010
Exchange Rates
  Table 4 Exchange Rates Against US$ 2008, 2009 and Forecast 2010
Overcoming Adversities
Emphasis on Health
  Table 5 Spa Sales in Leading Markets 2004-2009
  Table 6 Medical Tourism Revenues in Leading Markets 2004-2009
the Power of the Web
  Table 7 Unique Audience and Time Spent Per Person on Social Networking Sites in Leading Markets 2009
the Move Towards Greener Travel
  Table 8 Importance of Various Criteria when Choosing a Holiday Involving a Flight 2009
  Table 9 Attitudes Towards Sustainable Tourism 2009
Gay Tourism
  Summary 4 Gay-friendly Travel Companies 2010
the Rise of Niche Tourism
Chart 2 Adventure Travellers by Type 2009
Demographic Trends
Chart 3 Percentage Population Aged 65+ by Region 2004/2009/2014
  Summary 5 Characteristics of Adventure Travellers by Age Group
the Travel and Tourism Market
  Table 10 Global Incoming Tourism Indicators 2004-2009
  Table 11 Global Tourism Expenditure and Revenues by Sector 2004-2009
  Table 12 Top 30 Tourism Destinations and Growth 2004-2009
Domestic Tourism Trends
  Table 13 Expenditure on Domestic Tourism by Country 2004-2009
Outbound Tourism Trends
  Table 14 Expenditure on Outbound Tourism by Country 2004-2009
Key Market Snapshots
  Table 15 China: Travel Trends 2004-2014
  Table 16 China: Tourism Revenues 2004-2014
  Table 17 France: Travel Trends 2004-2014
  Table 18 France: Tourism Revenues 2004-2014
  Table 19 Germany: Travel Trends 2004-2014
  Table 20 Germany: Tourism Revenues 2004-2014
  Table 21 India: Travel Trends 2004-2014
  Table 22 India: Tourism Revenues 2004-2014
  Table 23 Italy: Travel Trends 2004-2014
  Table 24 Italy: Tourism Revenues 2004-2009
  Table 25 Japan: Travel Trends 2004-2014
  Table 26 Japan: Tourism Revenues 2004-2014
  Table 27 UK: Travel Trends 2004-2014
  Table 28 UK: Tourism Revenues 2004-2014
  Table 29 US: Travel Trends 2004-2014
  Table 30 US: Tourism Revenues 2004-2014
Future Outlook
Trends To Watch
  Table 31 Forecast GDP Growth in Selected Countries 2009-2014
  Table 32 Forecast Growth in Arrivals by Region 2010-2014
Chart 4 Leading Growth Destinations 2009-2014
  Table 33 Forecast Holidays by Length 2009-2014
Chart 5 Leading Markets for Outbound Travel 2009-2014
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The Way We Travel: How Global Travel Behaviour has Changed in the Wake of the Recession
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