Gambling Market Report: Focus on Casino Gaming

Date: June 23, 2009
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Gambling Market Report: Focus on Casino Gaming
Gambling has been going on since ages and is now legal in many parts of the world. Gambling takes many forms, from buying lottery tickets in a raffle to playing the football pools or betting on the Grand National to table gaming in casinos. Gambling industry has been one of the world’s fastest growing service sectors since the 1970s. Casino industry is a popular global gaming industry generating a large volume of revenues.

Gambling industry, although illegal in many parts, is a major contributor to the government in terms of tax revenues. This industry is a major boost to the economy and the GDP of a country.

Gambling is also said to be recession proof and amidst the global slowdown this industry is growing at a tremendous rate and is also a major source of employment. The growth this industry is due to emerging gaming markets like Asia and particularly Macau and also because of the technological advances as in the mobile gaming and internet gaming. One other reason for its growth is its expanding consumer base, which is increasing through internet, and primarily includes the rich class of people.

By combining SPSS Inc.’s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings, we have predicted the future growth of the industry. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS Base to determine the future direction of the industry. Before deploying the regression model, the relationship between several independent or predictor variables and the dependent variable was analyzed using standard SPSS output, including charts, tables and tests.

The report analyzes the global gambling industry, with emphasis on the major gaming destination markets like Las Vegas and Macau. The recent market trends, activities and market drivers are discussed. The competitive factors are also discussed and lastly major global players of this industry are profiled, detailing their business strategies.



2.1 Global Market
Market Value
Consumer Spending
2.2 US Market
  2.2.1 US Casino Market
Consumer Spending
Top Casino Markets
Market Segments
Revenue Growth
  2.2.2 US Racetrack Casinos
Consumer Spending
Top Racetrack Casino Markets
2.3 Macau Gambling Market
Gaming Revenue Growth
Market Segments
Market Share
Growth in Casinos,

Global Gambling Market by Region (2007)
Global Gambling Spending (2004/2010E)
US Consumer Spending on Commercial Casino Gaming (1999-2008)
Casino Spending Vs. Other Spending (2008)
US Gross Gambling Revenue by Segments (2007)
Revenue Growth of Gaming & Commercial Casinos (1999-2008)
Revenue Mix of Average Las Vegas Strip Property (FY06)
Las Vegas Gaming Drop (1995-2007)
Las Vegas Gaming Win (1995-2007)
Las Vegas Table Drop (1995-2007)
Las Vegas Table Win (1995-2007)
Las Veg Slot Drop (1995-2007)
Las Vegas Slot Win (1995-2007)
US Consumer Spending on Racetrack Casinos (2002-08)
State-wise Consumer Spending on Racetrack Casinos in US (2007-08)
Macau Visitors by Country of Origin
Macau Monthly Gross Gaming Revenue (2008-09)
Macau Gaming Revenue Growth (2002-Q109)
Macau Gaming Revenue Distribution by Types of Games (Q109)
Gaming Revenue Distribution, VIP, Mass, Slot (2002-07)
Growth of Casinos in Macau (2004-Q109)
Growth in No. of
in Macau (2002-Q109)
Growth in No. of Slot Machines in Macau (2002-Q109)
LTM Gaming Revenue in Macau (Jan’06-Nov’07)
Macau Market Share by Operators (Jan 2009)
Macau Market Share by Operators (Feb 2009)
Macau Market Share by Operators (Mar 2009)
Wagering on Mobile (2009/13E)
Revenue Growth Comparison of Macau vs. Las Vegas (2001-10E)
Forecasted Industry Supply of Gaming
before Credit Crunch (2008/12E)
Forecasted Industry Supply of Gaming
after Credit Crunch (2008/12E)
Growth in No. of Millionaires & their Wealth (2001-07)
Number of Millionaires Region-wise (2007)
Countries with Most No. of Millionaires (2007)
Countries Providing Fastest Growth in No. of Millionaires (2007)
Global Internet Users by World Regions (Mar 2009)
Global Online Gambling Revenue Growth Projection (2001-10E)
Global GDP Growth (2000-08)
State-wise Tax Contribution of Commercial Casinos (2007-08)
US Commercial Casino Wages (2002-08)
Racetrack Casinos Tax Contribution to State/Local Government (2007-08)
%age of Americans Reducing Leisure Spending during Recession (2008)
Macau Gaming Players Market Share Trend (2003-10E)
Average Daily Room Rates in Macau - Venetian, Bellagio, Wynn (2005-07)
Table WPD Comparison - Wynn, Venetian (2005-07)
Slot WPD Comparison - Wynn, Venetian (2005-07)
Sales Growth of LVS (2004-08)
Sales Growth of SJM Holdings (2005-08)
Sales Growth of Wynn Resorts (2005-08)
Sales Growth of MGM (2004-08)
Global Gambling Market Forecast (2009E-2015E)
& Slots


3.1 Market Trends
  3.1.1 Mobile Gaming
  3.1.2 Macau overtaking Las Vegas
  3.1.3 Casinos trading up 2-3 months ahead of openings
3.2 Market Activities
  3.2.1 Credit Crunch effect
  3.2.2 Visa Policy
3.3 Market Drivers
  3.3.1 Growing wealth worldwide
  3.3.2 Technological Innovation
  3.3.3 Global economic growth
  3.3.4 Emerging markets


4.1 Casino
  4.1.1 Casino contribution to tax revenue
  4.1.2 Wages
4.2 Race Track Casinos




7.1 Las Vegas Sands (LVS)
Business Strategies
Focusing on profitable projects
Transfer of retail space ownership
7.2 SJM Holdings Limited
Business Strategies
Efficient management of casino portfolio
Gaining financial strength
7.3 Wynn Resorts, Limited
Business Strategies
Distinctive positioning of resorts and casinos
New Opportunities for gaming and related businesses
Business Strategies
Building strategic relationships
Reinvesting in resorts


8.1 Market Forecast
8.2 Forecast Methodology
  8.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables
  8.2.2 Correlation Analysis
  8.2.3 Regression Analysis


Top 20 Casino Markets in US (2008)
State-wise Spending on Commercial Casino Gaming in US (2007-08)
US Top 10 Racetrack Casino Markets (2008)
Casino Openings in Macau
Gross Revenue by Game Types (2004-09)
Games of Fortune Revenue by Game Types in Macau (2004-09)
Mobile Gambling Drivers
Casino Supply Schedule Positions (2009)
Visa Restrictions Imposed on Individual Visit Scheme (2008)
State-wise Racetrack Casino Jobs in US (2007-08)
State-wise Commercial Casino Jobs (2007-08)
Comparative Position/Growth of Casino Operators in Macau (2004-Q109)
Dependent & Independent Variables (2002– 2008)
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output

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