Who's Who in UK Logistics

Date: June 30, 2004
Pages: 280
US$ 1,495.00
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Publisher: Analytiqa
Report type: Strategic Report
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Who's Who in UK Logistics
Who's Who in UK Logistics is a statistical analysis of 45 leading contract logistics service providers in the UK and will enable you to quantify the operational capabilities of the leading 3PLs. With UK-specific financial and operating analysis, the research provides a definitive picture of the UK industry, based on key operating statistics of the largest providers.

Purchasing the report with an electronic licence enables you to take delivery of an Excel database with 10,339 data points and 327 data tables; Key questions answered by the report include:
  • How has each provider performed in the UK over the last five years?
  • Who is achieving the greatest UK operating margins?
  • Which industry sectors generate the most revenue in the UK?
  • How much warehousing space does each provider operate in the UK?
  • Where are their shared user / client specific warehouses located?
  • Benchmark fleet types, sizes and trends in UK employment
The report contains over 10,300 datapoints on key UK financials and performance indicators, UK sector-level revenues, senior UK personnel, UK warehousing space and locations, UK fleet sizes, UK employees, key strategies, developments, partnerships and recent acquisitions in the UK.

The extensive data-set will allow you to benchmark your competition / service providers, analyse their operations and strategies and enable you to use the data as a basis on which to run your own analysis of the leading UK logistics service providers.
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Who's Who in UK Logistics
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