Chinese Logistics Market Forecast to 2012

Date: February 23, 2011
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Chinese Logistics Market Forecast to 2012
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The economic value generated by logistics industry in China has been witnessing phenomenal growth, driven by rapid economic growth and manufacturing-based economy. On the back of rising industrial base, growing demand from consumers and enterprises, China logistics industry reached up to an estimated value of around CNY 105 Trillion (US$ 15.75 Trillion) during 2010, which is considerably higher than other fastest growing economies. The current market status in the country offers huge growth opportunities for both international and domestic players.

In recent years, both the government and industry players have incorporated measures to attract investments and improve the performance level. The liberal economic approach adopted in policy measures along with increasing demand for goods and domestic market has resulted in exponential growth patterns for the industry. The large geographical spread and concentration of production bases across the country have resulted in high opportunity level for small and large logistics services providers in the country. The recent government initiatives to frame industry specific policy and regulatory framework present favorable outlook for the Chinese logistics industry.

Ongoing analysis found that, the Chinese logistics enterprises are increasingly shifting towards green logistics, with the growing awareness of global environment concern. Additionally, outsourcing logistics facilities are gaining importance due to the growing demand for high tech logistics facilities. These trends are expected to grow in the coming years on the back of huge untapped opportunities in both the sectors. Besides, rising investments for transportation infrastructural development are emerging as one of the major driving factor for the Chinese logistics industry.

“Chinese Logistics Market Forecast to 2012” provides extensive research and rational analysis of the Chinese logistics industry along with brief overview of the key players operating in the industry. Our research findings will definitely help consultants, industry analysts, and vendors to get in-depth knowledge of the current, past, and future performance of the industry.

Forecasts presented in the report are based on the correlation between past market trends, statistical analysis, and industry drivers and provides a direction to clients, in which the industry is likely to move. It will also help clients in identifying hidden growth opportunities in the Chinese logistics industry.



3.1 Rising Fixed Assets Investment
3.2 3PL Services
3.3 Warehousing & Storage
3.4 Development of Cold Chain Logistics
3.5 Green Logistics


4.1 Logistic Cost
4.2 Freight Traffic
  4.2.1 By Region
  4.2.2 By Mode of Transport
4.3 Transport Infrastructure
  4.3.1 Roadways
  4.3.2 Railways
  4.3.3 Waterways
  4.3.4 Airways
4.4 Investment Scenario
  4.4.1 Roadways
  4.4.2 Railways
  4.4.3 Waterways
  4.4.4 Airways


5.1 Key Logistic Projects
5.2 Upcoming Projects



7.1 Multiple Institutional Framework
7.2 Imbalanced Infrastructure Development
7.3 Increasing Logistics Cost


8.1 CMA Logistics Co. Ltd.
8.2 China Logistics Group Inc
8.3 China Ocean Shipping (Group)


Figure 2-1: Logistic Industry (Trillion CNY), 2009-2013
Figure 2-2: Logistics Industry by Product (%), 2009
Figure 2-3: Forecast for Logistics Industry by Product (%), 2013
Figure 3-1: Fixed Assets Investments in Logistic Industry (Trillion CNY), 2008-2010
Figure 3-2: Forecast for Share of 3PL Services in Logistic Industry (2012)
Figure 3-3: Leasing Vs Ownership Preferences for Companies (%)
Figure 3-4: Share of Warehousing & Postal Services in Logistic Industry Fixed Assets Investments (2008 & 2012)
Figure 4-1: Logistics Cost (Trillion CNY), 2007-2009
Figure 4-2: Share of Logistic Cost by Segment (2009)
Figure 4-3: Forecast for Share of Logistic Cost by Segment (2013)
Figure 4-4: Logistics Cost as a Percentage of GDP (2010 & 2013)
Figure 4-5: Transportation Cost (Trillion CNY), 2007-2009
Figure 4-6: Inventory Storage Cost (Trillion CNY), 2007-2009
Figure 4-7: Road Infrastructure (‘000 Km), 2007-2009
Figure 4-8: Railways Infrastructure (‘000 Km), 2007-2009
Figure 4-9: Civil Airports (Number), 2007-2009
Figure 4-10: Fixed Assets Investment in Highways (Billion CNY), 2007-2009
Figure 4-11: Fixed Assets Investment in Railways (Billion CNY), 2008-2010
Figure 4-12: Fixed Assets Investment in Waterways (Billion CNY), 2007-2009
Figure 4-13: Fixed Assets Investments in Airways (Billion CNY), 2007-2009


Table 4-1: Top 5 Provinces by Highways Freight Traffic (Million Metric Tons), 2009
Table 4-2: Top 5 Railway lines by Railways Freight Traffic (Million Metric Tons), 2008
Table 4-3: Top 5 Coastal Ports by Waterways Freight Traffic (Million Metric Tons), 2009
Table 4-4: Top 5 Civil airports by Airways Freight Traffic (‘000 Metric Tons), 2009
Table 4-5: Freight Traffic by Mode of Transport (Million Metric Tons), 2007-2009
Table 8-1: CMA Logistics Co. Ltd. - Key Financials (Million US$), 2008 & 2009
Table 8-2: China Logistics Group Inc - Key Financials (Million US$), 2008 & 2009
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