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Contract Logistics in Bulgaria

October 2012 | 45 pages | ID: C8E427A8E33EN

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Logistics market size, market segmentation, market shares and outsourcing rates. Analysis of past market performance along with forecast growth trends for contract logistics markets.

Extracted from Analytiqa's Central and Eastern European Logistics 2012 report, this country insight has been published due to demand from professionals in the supply chain industry for up to date, reliable and comprehensive market statistics.

Despite challenging economic conditions, logistics markets in Central and Eastern Europe have continued to enjoy robust growth. However, whilst growth expectations across the region are set to continue, there remains considerable regional and intra-country variation in rates of growth and both the economic and structural challenges that are still to be overcome.

As recovery in Western European and North America slows, markets across the region remain particularly attractive, with significant opportunities to capitalise in supply chains that are yet to realise their full potential.

This reporthas been published due to demand from professionals in the supply chain industry for reliable and comprehensive market statistics. This report provides an analysis of past market performance along with forecast growth trends for the major logistics markets across the region.

Sourced from a combination of Analytiqa's secondary and unique primary research, this report provides up to date information that delivers in-depth understanding of trends across the Logistics industry, providing you:
  • Detailed understanding of market drivers, threats and opportunities
  • Benchmarking of historic growth rates
  • Analysis of market performance
  • Identification of future trends
  • Tracking of country / regional sector performances
  • Business development & planning tools
Researched by Analytiqa's team in Europe, the data provided within this report is not estimated, based upon GDP figures, or aggregation of a number of 3PL company revenues - it is based upon insight gained from supply chain professionals across the region.

Use this extensive data and analysis to understand the factors that drive manufacturers and retailers to outsource supply chain activity to specialist logistics service providers. As a supplier or 3PL, this research will enable the identification and targeting of future, potentially high yielding, growth markets and opportunities.

Ideally suited to meet the needs of any professional within the supply chain industry, this focused business intelligence can be used to assess the performance of a market by just about every measure available. Size, growth and outsourcing rates, a regional perspective by industry sector, along with each country’s complexity, culture and wider regional attributes are all considered.
  • Market size, 2005-2015
  • Growth rates
  • Size of the contract logistics market
  • Outsourcing rates
  • Forecasts to 2015
More importantly, the data contained can be used to draw conclusions that can be applied to either process or strategic planning with the absolute confidence that the data originates from a source that is a consistent, reliable and specialist within the supply chain industry.

Growth in outsourcing (stimulated by manufacturers and retailers recognising the benefits to be had from outsourcing) does not necessarily equate to an equivalent growth in the contract logistics market as 3PLs continue to operate under extreme margin pressures. It is therefore necessary to evaluate your market through specific trends and data points, a task this report will allow you to execute easily.

This report will therefore assist you in ensuring that you are fully informed, be your need to devise or advise on a strategy, assess a market's size and growth potential or simply ascertain its current value.


2.1 Research Objectives
2.2 Report Structure
2.3 Research Methodology and Data Definitions


3.1 Regional Trends across Central and Eastern Europe


4.1 Introduction
4.2 Demographics
4.3 Economic Insight
4.4 Trading Partners
4.5 Key Industry Sectors
  4.5.1 Automotive
  4.5.2 Consumer Goods
  4.5.3 Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  4.5.4 Retail
  4.5.5 Technology and Consumer Electronics


5.1 Transport Infrastructure
5.2 Market Data
  5.2.1 Transport and Distribution Markets
  5.2.2 Logistics Markets
    Market Dynamics
    Targeting New Business
    Threats to Growth
    Forecasts for Growth
  5.2.3 Logistics Market Size
  5.2.4 Logistics Market Growth
  5.2.5 Logistics Outsourcing
  5.2.6 Logistics Market Forecasts


6.1 The Logistics Provider Landscape
6.2 Logistics Provider Profiles


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