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Supplemental Oxygen Can Remedy both Low and High Carbon Dioxide Blood Levels to Improve Endurance: White Paper

November 2017 | 14 pages | ID: S55161AF771EN
WinterGreen Research

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Supplemental oxygen used before and after exercise provides a key benefit of increasing endurance. The conventional wisdom that we have all heard “exercise more and lose weight” is quite well established in our community at this time, but very few people succeeded with this seeming simple piece of advice. This white paper suggests that often more is needed in order to succeed with this simple statement. It is the straight forward addition of supplemental recreational oxygen that helps the body remove any excess carbon dioxide, replace any lost oxygen, and form carbon dioxide to aid delivery of oxygen to the cells. Therefore, the supplemental oxygen establishes a balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide inside the body.

According to Susie Eustis, lead author of the team that wrote the study, “We suggest that the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide can quickly get out of balance in otherwise healthy people during exercise. We further suggest the addition of supplemental oxygen at 2 LPM helps the body establish a balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide by removing any excess carbon dioxide, replacing any lost oxygen, and forming carbon dioxide to aid delivery of oxygen to the cells.”

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1.1 Statement of the Problem
1.2 Normal Breathing (Oxygen Delivery)
  1.2.1 Importance of Carbon Dioxide in Oxygen Delivery
1.3 Obesity Hypoventilation Syndrome (OHS)
  1.3.1 Treatment of OHS with Oxygen
1.4 Long History of Supplemental Oxygen Improving Sports Performance
  1.4.1 Mountaineering Use of Supplemental Oxygen
  1.4.2 Supplemental Oxygen to Improve Brain Functioning
1.5 Value of Exercise
  1.5.1 Supplemental Oxygen Good for People Exercising After They Begin to Have Difficulty Breathing
  1.5.2 FDA Opinion on Oxygen
1.6 Adding Supplemental Oxygen to Improve Endurance
1.7 References

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