Fluorine Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

Fluorine is a non-metallic monovalent element belonging to the group of halogens, distinguished for high reactivity and electronegativity. Fluorite (fluorspar), cryolite and fluorapatite are the three major minerals of nature, from which Fluorine is derived. Fluorine’s reduced form (or fluoride) is found in sea or fresh water, in stems of specific grass types, and also in animals’ osseous tissue. Fluorine’s significance mainly resides in its manifold compounds – hydrofluoric acid (hydrogen fluoride), hydrofluosilicic acid, chlorine trifluoride, sodium fluoride, stannous fluoride, fluorocarbons (or perfluorocarbons), among others.

The Fluorine Industry is the second-biggest economy from pole to pole. Despite the recession-related contractions, the Fluorine Market is poised to see the reactivation of global demand, especially for fluorocarbon refrigerants and fluoro-polymers, in years ahead. Developing geographies are holding much promise for the Fluorine Market expansion owing to an overall fluorine-based goods consumption increase driven by surging income levels. Region-wide, North America, headed by the US, represents the biggest Fluorine market, with Europe ranking number two.

The research reports found in this Catalogue delve deep into the global, region-wise and country-scale analyses of the Fluorine Market. Considering the impact of the depression on the market, the research reports examine the current Fluorine Market trends, competition in the industry, key factors driving growth, latest product introductions, besides offering company profiles. Annual sales figures and forecasts are introduced in the research reports, too.

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Fluorite Reserve and Policy in China US$ 2,800.00

... recoverable reserves. China has the largest proven fluorite reserves in the world. At the same time, China is the largest fluorite producer worldwide ... further strengthen the regulation on fluorite excavation and production. CCM lists policies related to export quota and export rebate, market access threshold, ...

Jul, 2018 32 pages
China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report 1810 US$ 259.26

... R22 and R134a edged up. Downstream demands were slack in the off-season and inventories remained high. PTFE ... project. China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report is a monthly published ... China's fluorite (CaF297%) prices surged in Oct. 2018 and are expected to remain stable in the short run. Domestic 99.95% AHF ...

Oct, 2018 18 pages
China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report 1809 US$ 259.26

... of China's fluorochemicals varied in Sept. 2018: fluorite and anhydrous hydrofluoric acid (AHF) prices remained stable, while difluorochloromethane (R22), aluminium fluoride (AlF3) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) prices ...

Sep, 2018 18 pages
Research and Development Forecast of Fluorite Market in China, 2014-2018 US$ 1,600.00

... in the Pacific Rim Diagenesis belt, where there are abundant fluorite resources. The proved fluorite resources have distributed in 27 provinces in China (including municipalities and autonomous regions), amounting to 24 million tons fluorite reserves. Fluorite mines, which distributed in Hunan, Zhejiang, ...

Apr, 2014 53 pages
Market Research Report on Global and Chinese Fluorine silicone rubber basic glue Industry, 2009-2019 US$ 2,400.00

... basic glue listing their product specification, capacity, Production value, and market share etc.; The report further analyzes quantitatively 2009-2014 ... of each company; The breakdown data of Fluorine silicone rubber basic glue market are presented by company, by country, and by application; The report also ...

Mar, 2014 150 pages
2014 Market Research Report on Global and China Seven Fluorine Cyclopentane Industry US$ 2,600.00

2014 Market Research Report on Global and China Seven Fluorine Cyclopentane Industry was a professional and depth research report on Global and ... and also give related research conclusions and development trend analysis on China Seven Fluorine Cyclopentane industry. In a word, it was a depth research report on ...

Feb, 2014 159 pages
In-Depth Research and Development Forecast of China Fluorine Chemical Industry, 2013-2017 US$ 1,700.00

... competitiveness in the product fields with high added value, high processing depth and high technical requirements; such fields are basically dominated by ... and achieve the industrial upgrading. According to China’s Fluorine Chemical Industry 12th-Five-Year Development Planning, as of the end of 12th-Five- ...

Sep, 2013 66 pages
Global and China Fluorite Industry Report, 2014-2016 US$ 2,400.00

... , proportion thereof down to 44.3% or so of the global total. Against the background of a predicted decreasing fluorite output, China’s fluorite demand will mainly count ... its subsidiary Derivados del Flúor (DDF), Minersa has got through fluorite-fluorine chemical industry chain. DDF is the top producer and ...

May, 2014 123 pages
China Fluorine Chemical Industry Chain Report, 2012-2015 US$ 2,200.00

... , whereupon, backward production capacity will be gradually phased out. In 2011, China’s total capacity of hydrofluoric acid reached 1.645 million tons, major ... Industry (15kt/a) and Zhejiang Juhua Co., Ltd (13kt/a). China Fluorine Chemical Industry Chain Report, 2012-2015 of ResearchInChina mainly covers the ...

Dec, 2012 95 pages
China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report 1808 (12 issues per year) US$ 2,700.00

... customers. Prices of fluorochemicals in Aug. China's fluorite (CaF2> 97%) prices remained steady in ... trend in the short term. China's 99.95% AHF prices kept steady in Aug. ... movement to integrate upstream resources. China Fluoride Materials Monthly Report is a monthly published newsletter, which can be downloaded ...

Aug, 2018 18 pages
Survey of Fluorine Refrigerant in China US$ 601.85

... : Thanks to the government policies and the strong domestic demand, fluorine chemical industry has been one of the fastest developing and most ... and consumption areas. Fluor polymer, inorganic fluorides, refrigerant and organic-intermediates are 4 main important sectors for China's fluorine chemical industry. ...

Mar, 2011 7 pages
Survey of Fluorine Industry in China/data publication US$ 10,000.00

... the 2013 Tariff Implementation Plan that the original fluorite tentative export tariff of 15% was canceled. What measures taken by China to protect non- ... , it will analyze the production, price, import and export to clearly know the fluorine chemical industry in China this year. Forecast: Intensively and ...

Dec, 2014 114 pages
Complex Fluorine Salts: European Union Market Outlook 2018 and Forecast till 2023 US$ 1,800.00

Complex Fluorine Salts: European Union Market Outlook 2018 and Forecast till 2023 provides a complete ... development. Scope The report contains an in-depth analysis of the European Union market for complex fluorine salts, covering EU total and local markets. It provides current statistics ...

Jul, 2018 50 pages
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