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Worldwide Heart Valve Market: Focus on Tissue Valves

May 2008 | 24 pages | ID: W67B6A58FA1EN
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Cardiovascular diseases, particularly heart attacks and strokes, cause the death of about seventeen million people worldwide annually. In the US alone, around five million people suffer from heart problems.

In heart valve market, mechanical valves are more durable than tissue heart valves but require an anticoagulant. With technological advancements, the issue of durability has been resolved and hence, the market has moved towards tissue valves. Tissue valve represent about three-fifth of the total valve market.

Tissue valve market is dominated by Edwards Lifesciences. The surgical heart valve therapy segment represents about half of Edwards’ turnover. Medtronic and St. Jude Medical are the other major players. St. Jude Medical is the leader in mechanical heart valves. St. Jude has been successfully trying to convert its mechanical valve users to tissue valves and thus increasing its market share. St. Jude entered the U.S. tissue valve industry about 2-3 years back, and thereafter, Edwards’s growth has slowed down.

The report is aimed at providing a basic understanding of the heart valve market. It analyzes the worldwide and US market. Apart from providing a competitive landscape of the market, the report also profiles the major companies, with a discussion of their key business strategies. It also analyzes the major technological developments in the heart valve market.


1.1 Sudden Cardiac Death
1.2 Multicenter Automatic Defibrillator Implantation Trial


2.1 Mechanical Heart Valves
2.2 Tissue Heart Valves
2.3 Stentless Tissue Valves
2.4 Stented Tissue Valves


3.1 Worldwide Market
  3.1.1 Worldwide Market Value by Segments
  3.1.2 Market Opportunity
3.2 US Market
  3.2.1 US Heart Valve Market by Value
  3.2.2 US Heart Valve Market by Volume
  3.2.3 Market Segmentation


4.1 Using Stem Cells to Grow Heart Valves
4.2 Edwards’ New Type of Heart Valve
4.3 Percutaneously Deliverable Heart Valve
4.4 Japanese Inventors Develop Artificial Heart Valve
4.5 Prosthetic Heart Valve Fixing Band
4.6 Heart Valve Supportive Apparatus
4.7 FDA Clears for Market First Decellularized Heart Valve
4.8 First Implantation of Combination Aortic-Mitral Allograft Heart Valve
4.9 Brazilian Inventor Develops Heart Valve Prosthesis
4.10 Bicuspid Pulmonary Heart Valve
4.11 Heart Valve Chord Cutter
4.12 Aortic Heart Valve Prosthesis Sizer
4.13 Heart Valve Orifice Shrinking, Reinforcing Device


5.1 Heart Valve Market Share
5.2 Mechanical Heart Valves – Market Share
5.3 Tissue Heart Valves – Market Share


6.1 Medtronic
  6.1.1 Overview
  6.1.2 Business Strategies
  6.1.3 Acquisitions and Investments
  6.1.4 Distribution Strategy
6.2 St. Jude Medical
  6.2.1 Overview
  6.2.2 Business Strategies
  6.2.3 Continuous Product Innovation
  6.2.4 Restructuring Strategy
6.3 Edwards Lifesciences
  6.3.1 Overview
  6.3.2 Business Strategies
  6.3.3 Leadership Role in Transcatheter Opportunity
  6.3.4 Sales and Marketing Strategy
6.4 Sorin Group
  6.4.1 Overview
  6.4.2 Significant Developments


US Heart Valve Market by Value (2005-12E)
US Heart Valve Market by Volume (2005-12E)
Transcatheter Valve - Potential Market
US Heart Valve Market by Type of Valve Replaced (2004-06)
Mechanical Heart Valves – Market Share (2007-10E)
Tissue Heart Valves – Market Share (2007-10E)
Medtronic - Sales by Product Segment (2006-09E)
St. Jude Medical - Sales by Product Segment (2005-07)
Edwards Lifesciences - Product Launches (2008—09)
Sorin Group - Product Lines & Brands


Cardiovascular Diseases in the US by Demographics
Heart Valve Market Segmentation
Worldwide Heart Valve Market by Value (2005-10E)
Worldwide Heart Valve Market by Segments (2007)
Worldwide Aortic Replacements (2005-13E)
US Heart Valve Market by Segments (2006)
Worldwide Heart Valve Market Share (2007)
Edwards Lifesciences - Sales by Segments (2007)

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