Global Dental Market Report: 2013 Edition

Date: February 1, 2014
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Global Dental Market Report: 2013 Edition
Dentistry is the branch of science devoted for maintenance and treatment of teeth, gums, and other soft and hard tissues of oral cavity and adjacent structures. Dental market is bifurcated into two segments: dental consumables and dental equipments. Dental consumables represent the larger segment of the dental care industry. The dental consumables segment includes crowns/bridges, implants, orthodontics, impressive materials, composites, endodontics, adhesives, and cements, while the dental equipment segment is composed of large equipment, such as autoclaves, sterilizers, chairs, communication systems, compressors, cuspidors, and digital imaging systems. Small equipment, including amalgam removal systems, amalgamators, hand piece cleaners, lab equipment, duplicators, and ultrasonic cleaners, also fall into this product segment.

The main drivers of the global dental market include low dental implant penetration rates and increasing elderly population. Global economic development and increasing consumer income are other major factors which are bolstering the dental market. Ongoing mergers and acquisitions, increasing prevalence of CAD/CAM technology and increasing share of emerging markets are the significant trends observed in the dental market.

This report analyzes the development of the 'global dental market', with a focus on its segments including: dental consumables and dental equipment. The major market of North America along with emerging market of China is being discussed in the report. The major trends, drivers facilitating growth of the dental market as well as the issues being faced by the industry are being presented in this report. The four major players in the dental industry, Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Dentsply and Zimmer are being profiled in the report highlighting their key financials and strategies for growth.

By combining SPSS Inc.’s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings, we have predicted the future growth of the industry. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS Base to determine the future direction of the industry. Before deploying the regression model, the relationship between several independent or predictor variables and the dependent variable was analyzed using standard SPSS output, including charts, tables and tests.

1.1 Dental Diseases
1.2 Dental Treatment
1.3 Dental Market Segments


Market Value
Key Segments
Product Categorization
Dental Regeneration Market
Dental Implant Market
Implants Value/Share by Region
2.1 North American Dental Market
  Market Value
  Consumable Market
  Equipment Market
  The US
  Consumable Growth
  Equipment Growth
2.2 China
  Market Value
  Dental Implant Market


3.1 Key Trends
  3.1.1 Increasing Prevalence of CAD/CAM Technology
  3.1.2 Rising Share of Emerging Markets
  3.1.3 Mergers and Acquisitions
3.2 Growth Drivers
  3.2.1 Rise in Aging Demographics
  3.2.2 Global Economic Growth
  3.2.3 Low Dental Implant Penetration Rate
3.3 Challenges
  3.3.1 High Cost of Treatment
  3.3.2 Regulatory Risk
  3.3.3 Significant Barriers to Entry
  3.3.4 Lack of Awareness


Implant Market Share
Implant Growth by Company
4.1 North America
  Consumable Market Share
  Consumable Growth by Company
  Equipment Market Share
  Equipment Growth by Company
4.2 China
  Implant Market Share


5.1 Nobel Biocare
  5.1.1 Business Overview
  5.1.2 Financial Overview
  5.1.3 Business Strategies
    Focus on Research & Development
    Improvement in Treatment Workflow
5.2 Straumann
  5.2.1 Business Overview
  5.2.2 Financial Overview
  5.2.3 Business Strategies
    Customer Focused Developments
    Differentiation through Clinical Excellence
5.3 DENTSPLY International Inc.
  5.3.1 Business Overview
  5.3.2 Financial Overview
  5.3.3 Business Strategies
    Product Development
    Strategic Acquisitions
5.4 Zimmer
  5.4.1 Business Overview
  5.4.2 Financial Overview
  5.4.3 Business Strategies
    Geographic & Product Expansion
    Commercialization of Innovative Products


6.1 Market Forecast
6.2 Forecast Methodology
  6.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables
  6.2.2 Correlation Analysis
  6.2.3 Regression Analysis


Global Dental Market (2006-2012)
Global Dental Market-Share by Segments (2012)
Global Dental Consumables Market - Segment by Products (2012)
Breakdown of Dental Regeneration Market (2012)
Worldwide Modern Tooth Restoration Sales (2001-2012)
Global Dental Implant Market Revenues (2009-2013E)
Dental Implants per (10,000) Population (2012)
Global Dental Implant Market Share by Geography (2012)
North American Dental Industry (1Q12-3Q13E)
North American Dental Consumable Market (2009-2013E)
North American Dental Equipment Market (2009-2013E)
The US Dental Consumables Growth (1Q08-3Q13)
The US Dental Equipment Growth (1Q08-3Q13)
The US Orthodontic Manufacturer Market Share (2013)
Operating Revenues of Chinese Dental Equipment Industry (2006-2012)
Chinese Dental Implant Market (2011-2016E)
Dental Implant Share by Markets (2004-2015E)
Global Aging Population (60 years and above), (2008-2013E)
Life Expectancy (2012)
World GDP, (2005-2012)
% Real GDP vs. Organic Modern Tooth Restoration Sales
Dental Implant Market Share (2013E)
Dental Implants and Abutments as a Percentage of Company Sales
Premium Dental Implant Internal Growth by Company (2009-2013E)
Growth Rate by Company (2010-2012)
North American Dental Consumables as a Percent of Company Sales (2012)
North American Dental Consumable Market Share (Q108-Q113)
North American Dental Equipment as a Percent of Company Sales (2012)
North American Dental Equipment Market Share (2005-2014E)
China’s Dental Implant Market Share (2012)
Nobel Biocare Sales by Region (2012)
Nobel Biocare Revenue (2008-2012)
Straumann Share by Region (2012)
Straumann Revenue (2008-2012)
Dentsply Revenue by Products (2012)
DENTSPLY International Revenue (2008-2012)
Share of Net Sales by Reportable Segments (2012)
Share of Sales by Product Category (2012)
Net Sales & Net Earnings of Zimmer (2009-2012)
Global Dental Market Forecast (2012-2016E)


Dental Implant Market Model (2009-2013E)
Transaction Analysis of Dental Products
M&A Dental Implants Activities
Cost of Dental Implants in Various Countries
North American Dental Consumable Market Growth Analysis (2008-2013E)
North American Dental Equipment Market Growth Analysis (2009-2013E)
Dependent & Independent Variables (2009– 2012)
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output
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