Competitor Analysis: CMV Vaccines & Therapeutics

Date: August 2, 2012
Pages: 23
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Competitor Analysis: CMV Vaccines & Therapeutics
Product description

The present Competitive Intelligence Report about CMV Vaccines & Therapeutics provides a competitor evaluation in the field of prophylactic vaccines and therapeutic antibodies, antisense, proteins, cells and small molecules against infection with human Cytomegalovirus (CMV) as of August 2012. Purchase of the downloadable pdf report includes a 6-month online access to the data of the report and any updates since the publication date. Credentials to access the database will be sent by e-mail and allow online work with the project data to print or export an individual report.

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is a ubiquitous herpesvirus that persists indefinitely after primary infection. CMV is the most common opportunistic infection after solid organ transplantation. The incidence of clinically apparent infection ranges from 20-60%. The mortality rate from CMV infection is as high as 90% if it is left untreated. CMV disease (i.e., CMV syndrome with CMV viremia) may present as infection with signs and symptoms of fever, malaise, leukopenia, or documented CMV invasive disease into organs. CMV disease is classified as being both a tissue invasive problem and a syndrome. Tissue-invasive disease often affects the allograft (e.g., mild hepatitis and mild respiratory involvement to severe pneumonitis are common in patients with liver and lung transplants, respectively), although various other organs (e.g., the kidneys, intestines, retinas) may be affected.

At present, a limited number of drugs is approved for treatment or prevention of CMV disease, such as ganciclovir, or hyperimmune globulin preparations, but no specific CMV vaccine is approved. The present Competitor Analysis describes the R&D pipeline of new molecular entities including vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, peptides, cellular therapy approaches and small molecules in clinical and preclinical development for prophylaxis and treatment of CMV disease.

The report includes a compilation of currently active projects in development of vaccines, antibodies, antisense, proteins, cells and small molecules targeting human Cytomegalovirus (CMV) for prophylaxis and treatment of CMV disease. In addition, the report lists company-specific R&D pipelines of CMV Vaccines & Therapeutics. Competitor projects are listed in a tabular format providing information on:
  • Drug Codes,
  • Target / Mechanism of Action,
  • Class of Compound,
  • Company,
  • Product Category,
  • Indication,
  • R&D Stage and
  • additional comments with a hyperlink leading to the source of information.
About Competitor Analysis Series:

The Competitor Analysis Series delivers NO-FRILLS, but concise information about the pipeline of R&D projects for targets, diseases, technologies and companies at low prices. The information is provided in a tabular format and fully referenced.
  • CMV Vaccines
  • CMV Antibodies
  • Small Molecule CMV Therapeutics
  • Other CMV Therapeutics
  • Corporate CMV Vaccines & Therapeutics R&D Pipelines
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Competitor Analysis: CMV Vaccines & Therapeutics
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