China PTCA Balloon Catheter Market Investment Report, 2009-2010

Date: November 23, 2010
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China PTCA Balloon Catheter Market Investment Report, 2009-2010
Recent years have witnessed a sharp increase in the PCI case load and the application of coronary stent in China. During 2000-2009, the CAGR of PCI case load was above 39.6% on average; and the actual consumption of coronary stent system increased by 38.4% yearly from 2002 to 2009. PTCA balloon catheter not only serves as transport system of stent, but also as device placing front pre-expansion or rear expansion of stent. Along with the evolution of PCI and coronary stent industry, China will see a huge demand in the industry of PTCA balloon catheter. In 2002-2009, China’s demand for PTCA balloon catheter kept an average annual growth rate of 38.1%, with the demand in 2009 recording 653,000 sets.

Due to limitations in technology and recognition, China lags behind in the development of PTCA balloon catheter industry although its import substitution ratio of coronary stent reached 78% in 2009. By contrast, China’s home-made degree of PTCA balloon dilatation catheter (excluding the part as stent transport system) was no more than 20% in 2009. Still, the market is dominated by foreign brands like Medtronic, Abbott Vascular, Boston Scientific, Goodman and Cordis.

Yet, Chinese PTCA balloon catheter market has gained widespread attention from investors worldwide since the breakthroughs in key technologies and the ever expanding market demand in China, and Chinese coronary stent manufacturers have increasingly sharpened the edge in the production of PTCA balloon catheter. As of Oct, 2010, well-known coronary stent suppliers at home such as Lepu Medical, Microport and Beijing Fuji Sunshine Technology are basically capable of producing PTCA balloon catheter for their own application, and they plan to further expand their output capacity of PTCA balloon catheter.

This report probes into the PTCA balloon catheter market of China in terms of current development, macro-economic situation, policy environment (including regional preferential policies), medical & health care level and market supply & demand, revealing the potential demand and investment opportunity of Chinese PTCA balloon catheter market.

1.1 Definition & Classification of PTCA Balloon Catheter
1.2 Definition & Classification of Intervention Medical Device


2.1 Macro Economy
2.2 Policy Climate
2.3 Medical & Health Care Level
2.4 Status Quo of Chinese Medical Device Industry


3.1 Status Quo
3.2 Development Bottleneck
3.3 Supply & Demand
  3.3.1 Demand
  3.3.1 Supply
3.4 Competition Pattern


4.1 Favorable Factors
  4.1.1 Strong Support by National Industrial Policy
  4.1.2 Financial Incentives
  4.1.3 Expanding Market Demand
  4.1.4 Increasingly Standardized Market
4.2 Unfavorable Factors
  4.2.1 Mounting Risk of Price Drop
  4.2.2 Shortage of Related Production Materials and Equipments
  4.2.3 Foreign Non-Tariff Barriers
4.3 Economic Benefit
4.4 Choice for Plant Locations
  4.4.1 Suzhou
  4.4.2 Baoding
4.5 Construction of GMP Plant


5.1 Lepu Medical
  5.1.1 Profile
  5.1.2 Operation
  5.1.3 Production
  5.1.4 Prospect & Competitiveness
5.2 Microport
  5.2.1 Profile
  5.2.2 Operation
  5.2.3 Production
  5.2.4 Prospect
5.3 JW Medical
  5.3.1 Profile
  5.3.2 Operation
  5.3.3 Production
5.4 Dalian Yinyi
  5.4.1 Profile
  5.4.2 Operation
  5.4.3 Production
5.5 Neich Medical (Shenzhen)
  5.5.1 Profile
  5.5.2 Operation
  5.5.3 Production
5.6 Beijing Fuji Sunshine Technology
  5.6.1 Profile
  5.6.2 Operation
  5.6.3 Production
5.7 SCW Medicath Ltd
  5.7.1 Profile
  5.7.2 Operation
  5.7.3 Production
5.8 SynexMed (Shenzhen)
  5.8.1 Profile
  5.8.2 Production
5.9 TemMed Medical
  5.9.1 Profile
5.9. 2 Production
5.10 Changzhou JIUHONG Medical Instrument
  5.10.1 Profile
  5.10.2 Operation


Major Devices Used for PCI
Classification of Intervention Devices
Accumulated Value & Growth Rate of China’s GDP, 2007-2010 Q3
Laws and Regulations Related to Chinese Medical Device Industry
Industrial Polices Concerning PTCA Balloon Catheter Industry
Medical & Health Care Expenditure of China and Percentage in GDP, 2000-2009
Medical & Health Care Expenditure Make-ups and Changes in Proportions, 2000-2008
Medical & Health Care Expenses of Urban and Rural Residents in China and Proportion in Their Consumption Expenditure, 2005-2008
Gross Output Value of China’s Medical Device Industry, 2005-2009
Sales Revenue and Growth Rate of China’s Medical Device Industry, 2005-2009
Main Financial Indices of China’s Medical Device Industry, 2005-2009
Market Share of China-made Coronary Drug Stent System, 2006-2009
China’s PCI Cases and Growth Rate, 2000-2009
Consumption and Growth Rate of Coronary Stent System in China, 2002-2009
Volume of China’s Demand for Coronary Balloon Catheter, 2002-2009
High-value Medical Supplies and Additional Directory of PTCA Balloon Catheter Manufacturers in China, 2008
Main Brands and Market Shares of China’s Major Coronary Balloon Stent System by Consumption, 2009
Market Share Comparison between China-made and Imported Coronary Balloon Catheter, 2009
PCI Cases and Demand for PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter in China, 2010-2012
Regional Regulations on the Circulation and Application of Intervention Medical Device
Market Price of Main PTCA Balloon Catheter Brand Products in China, 2004 vs. 2008
Operating Income, Total Profit and Gross Margin of China’s Artificial Limb, Artificial Organ and Intervention Medical Device Manufacturing, 2006-Aug. 2010
Preferential Policies of Major Industrial Parks in Suzhou
Average Annual Wage of Urban Workers in Jiangsu and Minimum Monthly Wage in Suzhou, 2006-Sep. 2010
Average Annual Wage of Urban Workers in Hebei and Minimum Monthly Wage in Baoding, 2006-Sep. 2010
Cost Estimation of 100,000-level Clean Plant in China
Equity Structure of Lepu Medical
Operating Income and Net Income of Lepu Medical, 2006- Q1-Q3,2010
Gross Margin of Major Products of Lepu Medical, 2006- H12010
Operating Income and Percentage of Lepu Medical by Product, 2006-2009
Major Product Capacity of Lepu Medical, 2006- H12010
Major Product Output of Lepu Medical, 2006-2009
Major Product Sales Volume of Lepu Medical, 2006-2009
Unit Price of Major Products of Lepu Medical, 2006-2009
Operating Income Percentage of Lepu Medical by Region, 2009
Technical Parameters of PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter of Lepu Medical
Capacity and Output of Lepu Medical Coronary Balloon Catheter, 2006-2010
R&D Expenditure and Its Proportion in Operating Income of Lepu Medical, 2006-2009
R&D Pattern of Lepu Medical
Projects to be Built with Raised Funds from Public Offerings by Lepu Medical, Oct. 2009
Lepu Medical Products First Having Passed CE Certification on Sep. 13, 2010
R&D Progress of Lepu Medical Products up to June 2010
MicroPort 18 Medical Device Products, as of Mar, 2010
MicroPort Operating Income & Net Income, 2007-H12010
MicroPort Stent Capacity & Output, 20007-2009
Sales Volume and Unit Price of MicroPort’s Major Stent Products, 2007- Q12010
MicroPort’s Operating Income and Ratio by Product, 2007- H1 2010
MicroPort’s Operating Income by Region, 2007-H12010
Sales Volume of MicroPort’s Drug Stent Delivery System, 2007-Q12010
Specifications of MicroPort’s PTCA Coronary Dilatation Catheters
MicroPort’s Production of PTCA Coronary Dilatation Catheters, 2009-2010
MicroPort R&D Investment and Ratio to Operating Income, 2007-H12010
MicroPort Latest R&D of New Products, as of Sep, 2010
Operating Indices of Shandong JW Medical, 2007-2008
Operating Indices of Liaoning Biomedical Materials R&D Center Co., Ltd., 2008
Operating Indices of Neich Medical Shenzhen Co., Ltd., 2007-2008
Operating Indices of Beijing Fuji Sunshine Technology Co., Ltd., 2008
Operating Indices of SCW Medicath, Ltd., 2007-2008
Technical Parameters of PTCA Balloon Catheter of SynexMed (Shenzhen) Co, Ltd.
PTCA Balloon Catheter Development Course of TemMed Medical Co., Ltd
Main Financial Indicators of Changzhou JIUHONG Medical Instrument Co., Ltd., 2008
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China PTCA Balloon Catheter Market Investment Report, 2009-2010
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