Human Albumin and Factor Vlll (FVIII) Markets: An Analysis

Date: April 23, 2011
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Human Albumin and Factor Vlll (FVIII) Markets: An Analysis
The global blood plasma-derived products market has shown consistent growth over the period 2002-2009 and the rapid increase in cases of Hemophilia, low treatment cost to patients and rising ageing population are the major factors that will be driving the market for plasma-derived products in coming years.

Immunoglobulin (IVIG) and albumin account for the largest share of the global plasma market. The demand for blood albumin has increased over the years due to growing usage of albumin as a cell culture medium ingredient, antioxidant and also as the most effective volume expander in critical care conditions such as liver disease and hemorrhagic stroke. Another significant factor in albumin demand has been growing needs from emerging markets like China which has started importing albumin from Western companies. CSL and Baxter currently are the biggest plasma fractionation companies.

Factor VIII account for a major portion of plasma-derived clotting factor and lack of which causes Hemophilia A. Demand for genetically engineered recombinant Factor VIII (rFVIII) is also increasing as they carry less risk of carrying viral strains and plasma-borne diseases. Baxter has the largest market share in rFVIII market.

The present report offers an analysis of the global albumin and Factor VIII market with a special focus on country analysis like the US and China market. It also discusses key growth drivers and major challenges faced by the industry. The report also profiles major players in the albumin and Factor VIII market.

Further, we have predicted the future growth of albumin and Factor VIII market by combining SPSS’ data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS to determine the future direction of the industry.

1.1 Overview
1.2 Market Size
1.3 Plasma Market by Product
1.4 Plasma Market by Region


2.1 Global Albumin Market
  2.1.1 Overview
  2.1.2 Global Albumin Market Size
  2.1.3 Price Trend of Albumin
  2.1.4 Geographical Segmentation
2.2 The US Albumin Market
  2.2.1 Plasma Collection
  2.2.2 Albumin Supply Scenario
  2.2.3 Price Trend
  2.2.4 Market Players
2.3 China Albumin Market
  2.3.1 Plasma Collection Volume
  2.3.2 Albumin Market Size
  2.3.3 Market Players


3.1 Global Plasma Derived Factor VIII Market
  3.1.1 Breakdown by Types
  3.1.2 Market Size
  3.1.3 Average Selling Prices
3.2 Recombinant Factor VIII Market
  3.2.1 Types of rFVIIIs
  3.2.2 Market Size
  3.2.3 Major Market Players


4.1 Rising Incidences of Hemophilia
4.2 Low cost of Therapy
4.3 Rise in the Number of People with Bleeding Disorders
4.4 Rising Ageing Population


5.1 Stringent Regulations
5.2 Ensuring Adequate Supply of Plasma


6.1 Grifols
  6.1.1 Business Description
  6.1.2 Business Strategies
6.2 Baxter
  6.2.1 Business Description
  6.2.2 Business Strategies
6.3 CSL
  6.3.1 Business Description
  6.3.2 Business Strategies
6.4 Talecris
  6.4.1 Business Description
  6.4.2 Business Strategies


7.1 Forecast Methodology
  7.1.1 Dependent and Independent Variables
  7.1.2 Correlation Analysis
  7.1.3 Regression Analysis


Blood Plasma Constituents
Proteins Present in Human Plasma
Global Fractionation Capacities: (2009A-2013E)
Global Plasma-Derived Products Market (2002-2009)
Market Shares of Plasma Product Segments (2009)
Global Plasma Protein Market by Region (2009)
Global Albumin Market Size (2003-2009)
Albumin Global Demand Development (2003-2009E)
Average Selling Price of Albumin- Worldwide (1998-2009E)
Geographical segmentation of Global Albumin Market (2008)
Collected Source Plasma in the US (2003-2009)
US Albumin market by Albumin strength (2009)
Monthly Supply of Albumin 25% in the US (Jun 09 – May 10)
Monthly Supply of Albumin 5% in the US (Jun 09 – May 10)
Average Selling Price of Albumin- The US (1998-2009E)
CMS Reimbursements for Albumin in the US
The US Albumin Market Players: (2009)
Plasma Collection Volumes in China, 2003-2009E
China Albumin Market (2001-2009)
Product Share of Blood Products in China (2009)
Market Shares of Major Albumin Players- China (2009)
Breakdown of Global Plasma-Derived Clotting Factors Market (2008)
Breakdown of Factor VIII by Types: (2008)
Worldwide FVIII Usage per Capita Comparison (2009)
Plasma-Derived Factor VIII Global Market (2002-2009)
pd FVIII Global Demand Development (2003-2008)
Average Selling Price of FVIII – Worldwide (1998-2009E)
Breakdown of rFVIII by Types of Products (2009)
Market Size of rFVIII- Worldwide (2000-2009)
CMS Reimbursements Comparison of FVIII and r FVIII (1Q09-1Q11)
Market Shares of rFVlll Companies (2009)
Worldwide Hemophiliac Patients (2001-2009)
Breakdown of Bleeding Disorders Identified By Types: (2009)
Global Hemophilia Market (2009-2014E)
Number of Identified Patients (All Bleeding Disorders): 2001-2009
Ageing Population Worldwide (age>65) 2005-2015F
Net Revenue of Grifols (2007-2010)
Baxter Net Revenue (2005-2010)
Annual Revenues of CSL Limited (2005-2010)
Annual Revenues of Talecris (2005-2010)
Global Plasma Derived FVlll Forecast (2009A-2014F)
Global Blood Albumin Forecast (2009A-2014F)


Yearly Consumption of the Plasma Products per Million People
Types of rFVIIIs
Range Of Factor VIII and Factor IX Activity
Cost to Patients IVIG vs Albumin
Dependent & Independent Variables (2004– 2009)
Correlation Table
Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output
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Human Albumin and Factor Vlll (FVIII) Markets: An Analysis
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