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Brief Report on Chia Rail Locomotive Industry, 2009

February 2009 | 20 pages | ID: BF26D4C3353EN
China Research and Intelligence Co., Ltd.

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China railway locomotive is being greatly affected by railway construction industry. On the one hand, the length of railway construction, structure and other changes will affect the changes of equipment; on the other hand, railway construction has been the National Plan, which is clear for us to know about the development context. So, the report researches the railway equipment market changes under main line railway construction.

The sagging status of China's railway in the national economy is mainly due to lack of investment. At the same time, increasing rail investment is a good choice to drive the economy when the national economy turns down. So the report judges that increasing China’s Railway investment is inevitable.

A new plan announced by Chinese government in 2008 will have two results: first, the new plan will exceed the ""Eleventh Five-Year Plan"" 14.5 billion U.S. dollars (100 billion CNY), no matter you consider from the angle of amount or the locomotive inventory during 2009 to 2010. The 14.5 billion U.S. dollars will be mainly used in high-speed EMUs, as well as high-power locomotives. Second, during 2011 to 2012, substantial completion of high-speed railway will bring EMU to peak demand, while in 2013 to 2020, demand for EMU is only replacement or repairs as a result of the accomplishment of the high-speed railway construction, and demand for high-power locomotives will remain strong.

This report is written by author who is familiar with the China railway locomotive market. The report concludes first-hand information gained by means of investigation and abundant second-hand information. It is convenient, fast and better for our clients to understand Chinese market, and the recent hot topics involving all sectors,

More information can be obtained as follows:
- Investment amount of China’s railway construction
- Old and new plan comparison of China’s railway construction (the compact of 4000 million investments on the construction of China’s railway)
- Equipments of China’s railway
- Market hotspots of China railway locomotive
- Recent hot news of China's railway market

Analysis of China’s Railway Construction Industry

Construction of China’s railway: it is inevitable to increase the investment

Status of China’s Railway: growing potential becomes a failure

Comparison between Railway Assets and Social Stock Assets

Relationship between Income of Railway Transportation and GDP

Relationship between Railway Transportation and Other Transportations

More investment in China’s Railway Construction has become a Foregone Conclusion

Analysis on Demand of Railway Locomotives in China

Short Term Analysis

Calculating from the Perspective of Amount: 14.5 billion U.S. dollars more than expected

Short-term Hot Topics: Electric Multiple Units (EMUs) and the High-power Locomotives

Medium and Long terms:

Attributing to high-speed EMUs and high-power electric locomotives

Demand of EMUs caused by the Construction of High-speed Railway

Demand of Electric Locomotive caused by the Promotion of Electrification Rate


Chart Stage Analysis of China’s Railway Construction (1952-2010)
Chart Stock Changes of China Railway Fixed Assets
Chart Changes of the Proportion of Railway Incomes in GDP
Chart Structure Changes of China’s Passenger Volume
Chart Structure Changes of China’s Cargo Turnover
Chart Analysis of Plan Changes of China Railway Construction
Chart Purchase Amounts of Chinese Locomotives, 1998-2007
Chart Changes of China’s Railway Locomotive Inventory
Chart Delivery Time Distribution of China’s Railway Locomotives
Chart Out Rate Changes of Rolling Locomotives
Chart Completed Mileage Distribution of China’s Started High-speed Railway
Chart Changes of China’s Passenger and Freight Locomotive Inventory
Chart Out Rate of Chinese Passenger Locomotives
Chart Inventory Changes of Freight Locomotives Classified by the Volume of Goods
Chart Proportion Changes of China National Electrified Railway
Chart Locomotive Investment under the New Plan, 2008
Chart Procurement Amount of High-power Locomotives, 2009-2010

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