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Airport Advertising Industry Report (China)

December 2007 | 78 pages | ID: A13B86F26B6EN

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In the airport advertising industry, with the scale of surpassing 1,000, the practitioners communicate a lot. It is preliminarily estimated that outdoor ad media has occupied at least tens of thousands of square meters in China airports, seeing the growth rate of 50% annually. With the rapid development of domestic airport advertising industry, the industry has changed dramatically. As the special requirements on the airport environment and the advertising client structure determine that the manufacture and picture quality of outdoor ad media in airports must maintain the first-class level, many airports found special ad companies to provide more professional services.

Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo 2010 are coming, which will promote the overall level of China advertising industry. Morganstanley anticipates that Chinese advertising market would increase by 15% in 2007 to be RMB 200 billion. Driven by Beijing Olympic Games, China advertising industry growth will reach a peak in 2008, with the revenue amounting to RMB 250 billion, 25% up over the year of 2007. It is expected that the advertising revenue of the flight station building of Capital Airport will reach 760 million in 2008, up 81% compared with the anticipated amount of 420 million in 2007.

With the development of China's market-oriented economy and the open to the outside world, China airport advertising industry will develop towards high technology and large scale. Consequently, new advertising concept and advanced design technology will come into being. From the angle of development experience of the international airport industry, the advertising revenue of the airports, as the main revenue source except for aviation revenue, plays an important role in foreign large airports. Currently, China domestic airport revenue still mainly comes from aviation services. In the future, China non-aviation business revenue will further enlarge, and the airport advertising industry will take on favorable development momentum and huge potentials.
1 Development of China Civil Aviation Industry

1.1 Status Quo of China Civil Aviation Industry
1.1.1Transport Turnover
1.1.2 Airline Network
1.1.3 Infrastructure
1.2 Four Large Airline Companies
1.2.1 Air China Limited
1.2.2 China Eastern Airlines Co., Ltd.
1.2.3 China Southern Airlines Co., Ltd.
1.2.4 Hainan Airlines Co., Ltd.
1.2.5 Comparison of the Four Airline Companies
1.3 The Eleventh Five-Year Plan of China Civil Aviation Industry

2 Development of China Airport Industry

2.1 Operation
2.1.1 Main Operating Indicators
2.1.2 Assets and Investment
2.2 Operation of Hub Airports
2.2.1 Beijing Capital International Airport Co., Ltd
2.2.2 Shanghai Airport Authority
2.2.3 Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

3 Development of China Airport Advertising Industry

3.1 Industry Overview
3.2 Market Scale
3.3 Main Media Forms
3.4 Audiences
3.5 Clients
3.6 Successful Cases of Hong Kong Airport Advertising Industry

4 Advertising Development of Hub Airports

4.1 Capital International Airport
4.2 Pudong International Airport
4.3 Hongqiao International Airport
4.4 Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
4.4.1 Development Overview of Airport Advertising
4.4.2 Airport Advertising Revenue and Forecast
4.4.3 Forms, Distribution and Price of Airport Media
4.5 Other Relevant Information of Airport Media

5 Influences of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games on China Airport Advertising Industry

5.1 Influences on China Economy
5.2 Influences on China Civil Aviation Industry and China Airport Industry
5.3 Influences on China Airport Advertising Industry


Transportation indicators and growth rate of China civil aviation industry, 1996 -2006
Growth of main indicators of China civil aviation industry
Passenger turnover and growth rate comparison of China, Jan.-May 2007
Cargo carrying capacity and growth rate comparison of China, Jan.-May 2007
China airline network
Facilities of China three hub airports
Infrastructure of five big airports in Pearl River Delta Region
Airline structure of Air China Limited
Airline composition of China Eastern, 2005-June 2007
Airline composition of China Southern, 2005-June 2007
Prime operating revenue composition of Shanghai Airport Authority, H1 2007
Revenue structure contrast between Shanghai Airport Authority and other big international airports
Shanghai Airport Authority's business volume and forecast
Passenger flow of Shanghai airport Authority
Passenger flow of Pudong International Airport
Passenger flow of Hongqiao International Airport
Composition of aviation business revenue of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, 2006
Composition of non-aviation business revenue of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, 2006
Advertising revenue of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airports, 2006
Advertising revenue and forecast of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airports

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