Global Gem & Jewelry Market Report - 2010 Edition

Date: December 1, 2010
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Global Gem & Jewelry Market Report - 2010 Edition
There has been volatility in raw material prices; the global slowdown led to low capacity utilization in the industry bringing down the margins in the jewelry manufacturing. In some countries including India, some of the processing units have been partially shut down due to slackening demand. As a result, the value chain in the gems and jewelry industry may witness consolidation; only some major players are likely to cope with the trends and sustain the competitive pressure. It is expected that the hike in gold and silver prices might change the consumer preferences, as also impact their demand pattern. The growing consumer sophistication, decline in investment-driven jewelry demand, and competition from other luxury goods are also likely to impact the demand pattern of gems and jewelry.

Some of the recent trends in the global gems and jewelry industry include: increasing HNWI wealth, value chain integration, men’s luxury jewelry, conflict diamonds, competition and buying patterns, women and self purchasers influencing jewelry market, expansion into emerging markets and branded jewelry.

The industry has been seeking further growth through processing of larger size stones and manufacture of diamond jewelry. Both the government and the gems and jewelry industry have recognized the use of IT in diamond clusters in order to enable seamless flow of information between the functional areas, right from job contractors to small/mid-sized firms, to large, integrated units. The IT interface would also provide the necessary platform for firms to scale up their operations. While several such measures have been taken, at firm-level, industry level, and government level, there exists still a need to strengthen the position of the countries in the global market place through a concerted strategy, addressing the challenges of raw-material sourcing, technological infusion at processing stage, adoption of dynamism in design and product development and sustainable market entry approach.

The report analyzes the trends, challenges and strategies of the gem and jewelry and also outlines the opportunities driving the present as well as future industry growth. The report focuses on the retail jewelry sales, trends, jewelry segments, future potential of the three large consumers of jewelry – the US, China and India. It also discusses the sales, demand, outlook of the three major segments of the jewelry industry, i.e. platinum, gold and diamond. Further, the report analyzes the major gems and jewelry companies (retail) – Gitanjali Gems Limited, Signet Jewelers Limited and Tsutsumi.

By combining SPSS Inc.’s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings, we have predicted the future growth of the industry. We employed various significant variables that impact this industry and created regression models with SPSS Base to determine the future direction of the industry. Before deploying the regression model, the relationship between several independent or predictor variables and the dependent variable was analyzed using standard SPSS output, including charts, tables and tests.

1.1 Introduction to Gems & Jewelry
1.2 Supply Chain Analysis – Gem & Jewelry Market
1.3 Market Size & Growth Rate


2.1 Diamond
  Diamond Supply Chain
  Diamond Production by Region
  Market Share
  Diamond Processing by Region
  Demand & Supply
  Market Outlook
2.2 Gold
  Mine Production by Region
  Supply Breakdown by Source
  Average Retail Price
  Sales of Product Segments
  Sales by Retail Channel
  Market Outlook
2.3 Platinum
  Supply & Demand Growth
  Supply by Region
  Demand by Region
  Market Outlook


Consumption by Region
Demand by Region
3.1 US Gem & Jewelry Market
  Market Value & Growth Rate
  Market Share
  Sales by Retail Channel
3.2 China Gem & Jewelry Market
  Market Value & Growth Rate
  Product Segmentation
  Gold Output & Demand
3.2 India Gem & Jewelry Market
  Market Overview
  Imports & Exports
  Market Outlook


4.1 Increasing HNWI Wealth
4.2 Value Chain Integration
4.3 Recession-proof Luxury in Men’s Jewelry
4.4 Conflict Diamonds
4.5 Competition and Buying Patterns
4.6 Women and Self Purchasers Influencing Jewelry Market
4.7 Expansion into Emerging Markets
4.8 Branded Jewelry


5.1 Large Presence of Unorganized Sector
5.2 Impact of Global Financial Crisis
5.2 Increasing Gold Prices
5.3 Foray into Other Luxury Categories
5.4 Rise in Prices
5.5 R&D and Product Development


6.1 Branding of Jewelry
6.2 Hallmarking of Jewelry
6.3 Increasing Market Presence of Platinum Jewelry
6.4 Change in Product Portfolio
6.5 Continuous Skill Development
6.6 Technology Upgradation
6.7 Establishing Diamond Bourses in India
6.8 Increases in Exploration Activities
6.9 Increased Participation in International Exhibitions


7.1 Gitanjali Gems
  Company Overview
  Business Strategies
  Geographic Diversification
  Retail Strategy
7.2 Signet Jewelers
  Company Overview
  Business Strategies
  Increasing Store Productivity
  New Store Openings
7.3 Tsutsumi
  Company Overview
  Business Strategies
  Global Expansion


8.1 Market Forecast
8.2 Forecast Methodology
  8.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables
  8.2.2 Correlation Analysis
  8.2.3 Regression Analysis


Gem & Jewelry Industry Supply Chain
Global Jewelry Sales: (2000–2010E)
Diamond Jewelry Supply Chain
World Diamond Production Volume by Country (2009)
Global Diamond Production (2009)
Global Diamond Production (2009)
World Supply and Demand Imbalance: (2008–2013E)
Market Share of Major Diamond Producing Nations by Volume (2008)
Market Share of Major Diamond Producing Nations by Value (2008)
Diamond Pipeline (2009)
Projected Growth in Global Diamond Jewelry Sales: (2010E/2015E)
Share of Diamond Processing Centers, by Value: (2010E & 2015E)
Diamond Supply by Countries: (2010E–2015E)
Global Gold Mine Production by Region (2008)
Global Gold Mine Production by Region (2009)
Global Gold Supply by Source (2008)
Average Price per piece of Gold Jewelry (1993-2009)
Global Gold Jewelry Sales by Category (2009)
Global Gold Jewelry Market Share by Item (2009)
Global Gold Jewelry Sales by Retail Channel (2009)
Projected Growth in Global Plain Gold Jewelry Sales: (2010E/2015E)
Global Platinum Supply (2005-2009)
Platinum Supply by Country (2008)
Global Demand for Platinum (2005–2009)
Global Demand of Platinum by Application: (2008-2009)
Projected Growth in Global Plain Platinum Jewelry Sales: (2010E/2015E)
Global Jewelry Consumption: Geographical Share (2005)
Global Jewelry Consumption: Geographical Share (2015F)
Global Jewelry Demand: Geographical Share (2009)
US Gold Jewelry Sales (2000-2009)
US Specialty Jewelry Retail Chains’ Market Share (2009)
Survey Estimates of Jewelry Purchases in the US
Projected US Jewelry Sales: (2010E/2015E)
China Jewelry Market (2003–2013E)
Gold Output in China (2000-2010)
China’s Top 5 Gold Producing Provinces by Output (2009)
China's Gold demand by Application (2009)
Chinese Jewelry Market – Product Segmentation (2008)
India’s Exports of Gold Jewelry (2005-2009)
India’s Exports of Cut & Polished Diamonds (2005-2009)
Indian Gems & Jewelry Exports Outlook
HNWI Wealth Distribution, 2006–2009 (by Region)
Value Added at Each Stage of the Gem and Jewelry Industry
Estimated Share of Global Jewelry Sales (2015E)
Real GDP Growth Rates (2008-09)
Global Luxury Goods Market (2001-2009)
Luxury Goods Market Segmentation by Value (2009)
Gitanjali Gems: Revenue (2005–2008)
Signet Jewelers: Revenue (2006–2010)
Tsutsumi: Revenue (2006–2010)
Forecasted Global Jewelry Sales: (2009A–2013E)


Gold Mine Production by Region (2008)
Gold Mine Production by Region (2009)
Average Price per piece of Gold Jewelry (1993-2009)
Global Gold Supply-Demand Forecast (2009-2015)
Global Platinum Demand: Jewelry (2008-2009)
Industry Consolidation - U.S. Jewelry Market (2003-2009)
India Gems and Jewelry Market: Imports and Exports (2009)
Export of Gems and Jewelry: Segment wise (2009-2010P)
Gold Price % Annual Change (2005-2010)
Dependent & Independent Variables (2000–2008)
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary – Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output
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